Four Amazing Tourist Places In India

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Many people travel to see the India attractions every year. There are many tourist places in India, and most of them are very close to each other. It could take weeks to experience all the amazing things to do in India. To make your trip to India easier and more enjoyable, here are the best things to do in India.

1. Akshardham in Delhi

Akshardham is a massive temple located close to the Yamuna River. The carvings in the temple were done by several thousand artisans, and the architecture is otherworldly. The inside of the temple is highly decorated, and the art work and carvings are meant to tell the story of Hinduism. This temple is best seen right before sunset because the lamps are lit during this time, which makes the temple even more magical.

2. Gali Paranthe Wali in Delhi

This is a famous food road located in the heart of Old Delhi. There are many popular eateries here that serve the same dish: parathas, which is a stuffed flatbread. The usual filling is potatoes, but you can find parathas stuffed with just about any ingredient.

Some of the shops have been open for over 100 years. Most of the time, the street is crowded with locals who are looking to enjoy a tasty meal. You should visit this area with an empty stomach because you will want to make stops at many of the shops.

3. Natraj Dining Hall in Udaipur

This is a well-known dining place among the locals and is one of the best places to experience traditional Indian thali. Thali is a meal that is made up of different food and is most times served on a metal plate.

Natraj is in the Bapu Bazaar, which is around a half an hour walking from the City Palace. If you are lucky, there will be no line or a very short one. Once you get your table, things will happen quickly. Natraj has no menu, so you are given what is being served that day. There will be rice, vegetable dishes, chutneys, fresh chapatti, and other tasty dishes. There are going to be spicy dishes, so you should ask before eating. This is an all you can eat restaurant, so the servers will keep bringing dishes until you tell them that you do not want anymore. A meal at Natraj costs around 120 rupees or $1.85 USD, so it is definitely well worth the wait.

4. Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur

There are many other things to do in Udaipur because it is a popular spot for visitors. However, this is one activity that not many people know about. You can volunteer at Animal Aid Unlimited. The shelter, hospital, and sanctuary are home to pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, and other animals that were found in the streets of Udaipur. You can spend your day helping the staff, or you can relax and enjoy the company of the animals. There is always something going on and volunteers for even a few hours are welcomed. The animals also enjoy seeing new faces.

Around many of the tourist places in India, there are other interesting things to do and see. You should keep your eye out when you are visiting India attractions because you can never be sure of what other things you will find to do.
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