Four Amazing Things To Do In Guatemala

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Guatemala travel is more than just seeing the Mayan wonders. There are more things to do in Guatemala than places of similar sizes. There are Guatemala tours that will take you to visit many of the must see locations. If you want to explore this beautiful country, here are amazing things to do in Guatemala.

1. Antigua

While the conquistadors were terrible people, they were talented city planners. Antigua’s grid layout and good numbering system makes getting around the city a breeze. Many people visit Antigua for the colonial charm, so it is a popular location for tourists.

There are many cheap restaurants, street markets, plazas, and modern day amenities in Antigua. Some areas of the city can feel a little touristy. However, you can wander way from these areas, and find the areas where the locals spend their time.

2. The Mayan Ruins

The Mayan Ruins are one of the things to do in Guatemala that you must do. There are many Guatemala tours that will take you to these ruins, so you can explore them. The ruins are mostly covered by forests and other greenery today. However, some areas have been uncovered, and you can see the carvings on the walls. Most Guatemala tours will take the whole day to explore and visit the ruins, but there are shorter tours if you prefer.

3. Roast some Marshmallows over Volcanoes

There are dozens of volcanoes that are still active today in Guatemala. Yes, it is safe to roast marshmallows from the heat coming from the summit. The most accessible volcano is Pacaya. There is a bus that will take you to the base of the volcano, so you will need to hike about 30 to 45 minutes to the summit.
There are kids who have horses that will follow you up the path and will help you get back down, but you will have to pay for their help. There are other volcanoes around the country that are safe to visit, but they are harder to hike up.

4. Explore the Jungle

Most of the country is covered by the jungle and swamps. This is how it was able to hide the Mayan cities for so long, and is why we are not sure if we know where all of them are today. While deforestation is still a problem, most of the jungle is protected.

Most Guatemala tours to the ruins will cover some of the jungle. The jungle is full of toucans, monkeys, and other wildlife. Some ruins are multi-day hikes, so you can see more of the jungle than what you would see during a short tour.

There are bio-reserves and camps that you can stay at if you want to hike the paths yourself. You will need to be careful of the wildlife and the forests because the paths can be rough and harder to hike than other areas.

There are huge amount of things to do in Guatemala, so it can be overwhelming at times. Guatemala tours are offered all over the country and at all different price points.
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