What To Do In Geneva?

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Geneva tourism is on the rise, as it is a global business centre. The Geneva attractions are designed for both the locals and travellers to enjoy. While Geneva can look like a cosmopolitan city, there is a growing alternative side of the city. So, what to do in Geneva?

1. Explore the City’s Role in the World

Geneva is famous for its neutrality and is located in central Europe. This is why Geneva is home to many well-known international organisations. You can visit some of these organisations freely. One of the best known is the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. The museum has an exhibition of what the organisation has done in the last 150 years.

You can also take a guided tour of the Palais des Nations, which is the European, home of the United Nations. At the Palais des Nations, you can learn about how the largest issues in the world are being tackled.

2. Visit Old Town

Old Town is the most scenic part of the city and is located on the same hill as Cathedrale Saint Pierre. The Place du Bourg-de-Four is a popular spot to visit in Old Town. The area is known for the independent boutiques, cafes, architecture, and restaurants. The Bastions Park has a lovely view of the city and the mountain range.

3. Explore the Shops

In Geneva, it is not hard to find shops to spend your money in. Even if you are just window shopping, you should take some time to explore the many shops around the city. Rue du Rhone is a popular spot for high-end boutiques.

If you want a more realistic shopping experience, you should visit the main department store called Globus. You can spend hours browsing this store, and you can eat your meals in the large eating hall in the Globus.

4. Visit Plainpalais Fleamarket

The place to be on Saturday mornings is the Plaine de Plainpalais because it is home to the best and biggest flea markets. The market has everything from clothing to toys, and bric-a-brac. There are hundreds of stalls that you can visit. There are also cafes and an ice-cream parlour near the Plaine de Plainpalais.

5. Listen to the Live Music Scene

There are huge amounts of opportunities for you to watch live music in the city. There is everything from international bands to orchestras. However, at the same time, the city is home to many alternative bands and clubs. There is also the Chat Noir in the Carouge area of the city. Most times, you will find the locals at one of the cheaper clubs, enjoying live music.

6. Street Celebrations

Geneva has many street celebrations. The most popular of these is the Escalade. Escalade is held during the second weekend of December. It is a pre-Christmas party, which honours the failure of the siege on the city during the 17th century. You can also enjoy watching the parade and fireworks.

As the city evolves the answer to the question of "what to do in Geneva" changes. The city is still growing; so many people visit the Geneva attractions every year.
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