TENNESSEE Author Releases Children's Novel

Published: Mon Apr 04 2005

Sharon J. Long from the East Tennessee region releases a new novel set in the Great Smoky Mountain region. Little Debra Tally lifetime dream was to follow in her fathers footsteps as a Forest Ranger. Her goals were set high to fulfill her dream because of the love for the animals and land.

Being a sixth grader and making high marks was her top priority so she could get accepted in a college that specialized in Foresty. Debra's mother was never keen on the idea of her goal to become a woman forest ranger wanting her persue a carrer in a more ladylike position. Debra was her fathers shadow; making every step he made. Mr. Tally walked proud to have his little girl tag along with him in the woods.

Debra proved herself one afternoon when she help save a friends life that had fallen off a ledge. Her mother came more aware of her daughters love for the field she desperately wanted to fill. Debra was raised with the motto from her parents that they needed to live life to the fullest and spread their wings. She did just that; by playing sports and exploring the mountains. "Let Me be Me" takes the imagination of a child into their own world to fulfill their goals. Order online at: Http//www.lulu.com/sjlong price: $8.95
Contact Name: Sharon J. Long
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