Tourist Attractions In Luxembourg City

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Luxembourg City is one of the wealthiest cities in the globe, which is something clearly evident as you walk around the town. First time visitors will be amazed by how everything seems so clean and perfect. The landscape of the city is also quite unique as it is largely dominated by hills and nature. Read on for the best things to do in Luxembourg City.


The Petrusse River is a truly beautiful sight that flows through the city. The riverside features old buildings alongside nature, both existing in harmony. What makes Luxembourg City different is that there is more focus on maintain natural beauty and greenery rather than simply razing down whole areas for easier urbanisation. A great site to appreciate this beauty is behind the town of Hollerich.

Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

Constructed in 1965, the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge is one of the top Luxembourg City attractions. It is very fascinating and is a great place for sky diving over the valley. Besides the normal functionality of a bridge, the designers also focused on making it as appealing as possible. The bridge was commissioned at a time when Luxembourg City was looking to persuade the EU to select it as the headquarters. You can take some cool photos here as well as enjoy views of the valley.

Grand Ducal Palace

If you want to see some European palaces, then you should include the Grand Ducal palace in your list of things to do in Luxembourg City. While other palaces found in Luxembourg have either been converted for other purposes or opened for exploration to tourists, the Grand Ducal still remains functional. Today, the Duke of Luxembourg resides in this palace, and foreign dignitaries also spend their time here during their visits. Even though you may not be able to enter for a look around, it is still worth passing by.


One of the interesting things to do in Luxembourg City is to check the strong, fortified castle found on Bock. It was constructed in 963AD by Count Siegfried who designed it as an impenetrable fortress. Today, the scenic castle has a wide range of Luxembourg City attractions on offer. Make sure you explore the different passageways to appreciate the special architecture and masonry work that went into building this fortress.

Fort Thungen

A distinctive aspect of Luxembourg City is the fact that it is home to some of the best fortifications, especially with regards to old cities. That is the reason you must include Fort Thungen in your list of things to do in Luxembourg City. Nowadays, this reputable fort now houses DraiEechelen Museum that shows the rich history of Luxembourg from the 14th century and onwards. Different rooms in the fort are designed to show the progress of the city across different eras.

Make sure you check out all the things to do in Luxembourg City mentioned above. The best thing about these tourist attractions is that you can visit most of them within one weekend.
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