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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Madrid is one of the modern cities of the world that is impregnated by a lot of luxurious features. Rocking out in its streets could give you the best touring experience you have never experienced before. The ancient monuments cool breath taking places and exotic cuisines, as well as the sightseeing areas, could make you forget to go back home. There are so many things to do in Madrid because almost all the luxurious amenities are enshrined in this region.

1. Plaza De Cibele

This plaza is located in at the centre of Madrid, and many people love its marble Neo-classical style. It has many structural, architectural designs and buildings that are worth the time of any visitor. It was named after the goddess of fertility Cybele which is why many people like visiting it to see how it looks like. The Lions, which are depicted ferrying the chariot express the power of the goddess. Owing to this historical attribute, it is considered among the best Madrid tourist attractions that people should always visit.

2. Plaza de España

This is an icon architectural building that is located on the West of Gran via Street, and it is known to be among the highly visited places in Madrid. For people who normally like doing sightseeing, this could be the best place to be because its high height structural buildings could serve to fulfil the purpose. The only Monument of the great poet, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is enclosed in this place and people can visit the place, to have a look because it is supper stunning.

3. Plaza Mayor

One of the places that add to the unique Madrid tourism industry is this structure, Plaza Mayor. It is a spellbinding structure from the external appearance to the internal enrichments that it is equipped with. It was created during the famous time of Habsburg, and it has received a lot of acknowledgement from tourists for being among the best tourists attraction sites. It is located near the major and famous city building called the Puerta Del Sol which is also another tourist attraction worth the visitor’s attention.

4. San Francisco El Grande Basilica

This is popularly known as Basilica De San. This place is attractive due to its medieval monuments and attractive architectural building. It is a breath taking Catholic Church that is known for its religious structures contained in it. It is among the highly treasured places because it enshrines some of the great artworks of people like Francisco Goya, Alonso Cano and Zurbarán who are known for their marvellous artworks. It is among the Madrid tourists attraction that you should not miss to visit when you visit the city.

5. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

This place is located in Plaza de Murillo in Madrid Spain. It is an artificial botanical garden that contains a lot of beautiful environments where you can sit and enjoy the natural breezes of the place. If you are tired of this botanical, you can visit the Prado Museum which is located just some miles away from the Real Jardin. Enjoy witnessing the banks of river Manzanares as you take photos of the green environment and beautiful creatures.

The Madrid tourism industry is fulfilling in all aspects, just plan your tour well by choosing the best places to go, and you will never get bored.

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