Six Places To Visit In San Diego

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

San Diego is a popular tourist spot in the United States and is the oldest city in California. The most popular San Diego attractions include the amazing gardens, museums, and the zoo. There are many places to visit in San Diego. Here are some amazing things to do in San Diego.

1. Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is located in downtown San Diego. The buildings in the area have been restored to their 19th and 20th-century style building. This area is very popular with the locals because it is a trendy area of the city.

The area is under 20 blocks and there many shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants in the area. Most of the high-end hotels are in this area, as most business travellers and tourist want to stay within this area of the city.

2. Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

If you are walking to the waterfront trail, you will find one of the largest US military ships there. This is the USS Midway, which has been decommissioned. It is permanently berthed at the Navy Pier. The USS Midway Museum has 25 restored aircraft and over 60 exhibits. You can take a self-guided auto tour of the museum, or you can explore the exhibits on your own. You can also try a flight simulator for an extra fee.

3. Horton Plaza

The Horton Plaza is located in downtown San Diego near 1st and 4th Avenue and G and Broadway Street. The Plaza is one of the most interestingly designed shopping centres in California. There are a wide range of shops in the Plaza.

4. Balboa Park
This is a 1400 acre park that has many museums, building, and gardens. This park was created to host the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exhibition, and many of the buildings are still in the park today. The park is home to the San Diego Zoo, Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Man.

5. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is in Balboa Park and is a popular spot for tourists. The zoo is one of the most famous and biggest zoos in the US. It is home to many exotic animals, including pandas which have a successful breeding program there. The zoo is spread out next to a canyon, so some of the hills are challenging to walk. Most of the enclosures are designed to look like the animals’ natural setting.

6. Old Town State Historic Park

This park gives you a look at a town from the early days of the United States. There are many interesting places to eat and shop around the park. The town was most likely founded in 1820 by Mexican soldiers. There are historic buildings that have been repaired.

Planning a trip to San Diego can be hard. There are so many places to visit in San Diego that are a ‘must see’ that is can be overwhelming. Luckily, many of the San Diego attractions are close to each other, so you can visit more than one at a time.
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