More drones, more public risk.

From: R&R Group
Published: Sun Feb 26 2017

Estimated sales growth of drones for period 2014-2021 is steady to reach 29 Million dollars per year for 2021.

Drones getting cheaper but profit from sales grow....that means that sales growth of actual drones is exponential, when excluded effect of rapidly falling drone prices. For example, for the same money you can buy 2 drones today, last year you could bought only one.

This increasing presence of different types of remote controlled vehicles lead to new type of security problems in different aspects of public safety. Drones are commonly used for; across border drug trafficking, illegal items delivery in prisons, spy aerial photography, and can even pose more risk in future as a potential bio-warfare delivery devices that could endanger government structures or public events…

R&R Group Jammers4u early anticipated these immersing safety issues and offered complete anti drone defense Jammmer systems developed and designed for security services for protection of; public events, buildings and property, borders and police controls, high importance events, and all other situations that UAV could pose a risk. In words of Mr. Boban Radeta, owner of "", leading Drone jammer production company: "In year 2017., because of already large number of present drones, every security agency needs drone jammer systems in order to insure protection of targeted individuals or property"

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