A new book to rival The Great Gatsby

From: Blue Aura Publications
Published: Wed Mar 01 2017

Michael S. Meusch has made a truly original book. The epic tale of an artist who ventures to Paris seeking to became a great painter.Eventually finding himself in a twisted world of lust, greed, and corruption. Millionaires and Heiress's, drugs and the world of eccentric quarreling painters and Artist.The work plays on the same conflicts that Fitzgeralds Character The Great Gatsby battle against. The endless struggles of denial and self-acceptance.

Walking Among Giants A Painter in Paradise is an epic love story that crosses oceans and time capturing the history of the modern art era, Jazz, flappers, and wild all- night parties witnessed through the memoirs of a young painter in the 1920’s. Artist Robert Tauney was always a dreamer. After serving in the Great War, He ventures home to mourn the death of his beloved Mother and confront his worst enemy, his own personal Demons.

After serving in the Great War, Robert follows his inspiration to venture to Paris, France. He soon befriends film stars, painters, authors, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Modigliani, Soutine, Picasso, Erik Satie, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and many other creative intellectuals of the time. The plot deepens with unrequited love, the Model/Entertainer- Kiki of Montparnasse, and Camille Bastain (Tigress), a French actress who slowly pulls him into the dark world of opium and drugs.

Robert will soon find out that Paris has an ancient secret awaiting him. In an epoch time of passion and a sexual revolution, a symbolic tidal wave of destruction and chaos is forming. Robert is at the Crossroads of his life and must make a crucial decision or be swept away in the tsunami of deception, denial while facing impossible odds.

This Novel is a gorgeous, and compelling work that brings the non-artist closer to the painting process and the workings of the artistic mind. This fictional work gives a rare look at what it might have been like as an artist in Paris during the roaring twenties, living and Walking Among Giants in the midst of a lost generation.


5 stars on Amazon

"A wild, sensuous ride that won't let up, and never let you down"- John Bekowitz

"Michael’s writing is bold and rich yet, his work is raw and revealing. A sure win" -The Boston Journal

"As a reviewer, I see many books that are mediocre with predictale plots, but A Painter in Paradise writing is nothing less than wonderful." - Phil Stern The National Reader

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