How Can Dedicated Servers Be Useful To Your Business?

From: Hosting Rainbow
Published: Thu Mar 02 2017

What if you have been badly in need of cheap dedicated server hosting for your website? Won’t you contact a good company like But wait, how would the decision be influenced? Would it be solely on the price or would it be on other factors also?
Now, you imagine that the website is running very smoothly by taking the services, but one fine day, things turn the other way round and the site is crashed or is down. Wouldn’t you need help for the same? Sometimes, email or call support is enough but many a times it so happens that no one is there to answer you.
Finally, you get through everything and then you come to know that nothing can be fixed. All this while what happens? You only lose everything i.e. revenue, reputation and customers and this is indeed very bad. The fact is at times, things go bad and many a times, they are just so unavoidable. Now, the way the company gives response to these issues is the actual test. Don’t gamble with the site; instead keep in mind the factors that are critical in making the decision. Have a look.
• Check the uptime; it is the total time the website (Software and hardware) is running. This is the most essential thing and can’t be ignored in any way. If this factor is ignored, the website would be taken for a toss; so consider this as a very important component. If website goes down, imagine the amount of business you will be losing.
• Don’t fall in trap of companies offering complete uptime. No company can offer 100 percent uptime; so beware of this factor. The maximum one can offer is 99.9 percent so have knowledge about the realities and act accordingly. If they are offering guarantee, why not take it in written from them?
• Technical support is a MUST. Don’t miss out on this consideration because it would be able to figure what and when something goes wrong. Go for a company having complete support i.e. 365 days support. When these issues com ein the way, the hosting company should be there to offer 100 percent support, isn’t it? you can call up or email the team for testing how quickly they are responding; on the basis of this, decide whether or not it is worth to hire the company.
• How reputed is the company? This question must be on your priority list. Contact people who are in the same business and know the reputation; you will surely get a great idea about the same.
• Spare some time and read the testimonials in details; no need of going word by word but take a rough idea. Only after this, decide if you want to do business with the company.
Don’t forget to consider all these factors!
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