Axilogy Med Ed Courses for Premeds are Eliminating the Fire Hydrant Effect

Published: Thu Mar 02 2017

Medical students often complain that med school is like "trying to drink water from a fire hydrant". No wonder, high school and college students are always stressed out while seeking admission to medical school. But not anymore, Axilogy is all set to make admission to medical schools easier than ever with its breakthrough advanced medical education summer 2017 course for aspiring premeds. It’s the only and first ever premed course that teaches 84 biomedical and patient-care based subjects set to make it’s students primed and prepared to succeed in medicine. Students get online, interactive lectures in a learning format just like their college classes. Every lecture to made with memorization and mastery in mind to make sure students learn as much as they can. In fact, each weak students take a mock USMLE (Medical licensing exam) block exam on top of their patient-care topic assignments. The proceeds generated from the course this year are used to form a Boston homeless shelter (School for Gifted Youth) where homeless kids and teens receive one-on-on tutoring from a committed bunch of talented Harvard students.

It’s going to be a 12-week course and the entire course will be conducted online so that the students can learn from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. The program comes with it’s very own premed planner to help premedical students begin tracking for their future. Axilogy’s advanced medical education course speaks of a brand-new approach to medical training. Now, your future doctors can begin learning medicine whenever they become interested. This not only makes more motivated medical students, but more receptive doctors! Axilogy is giving premedical students what they really want, a chance to learn the material that their mind craves. They have even mastered the art of the new MCAT for premeds and course graduates, where all students get intensive daily coaching and are consistently prepared to be motivated and score-ready for test day!

"We are excited to announce the launch of our 12-week premed advanced medical education course for Summer 2017. We first began teaching this course at UCSD School of Medicine (onsite) and students worked much harder than we expected! We are focused as a company to prepare the aspiring medical students for a successful admission and tenure at the medical school. The summer course is an intensive form of our online 5-month long spring program. It’s a self-paced program where a teacher consistently checks on your work and then plans with you after to continue increasing your knowledge through experience and reading medical

literature. Most students also sit for a full mock USMLE which is about 8 hours! Being a medical student myself, I know how hard it is to get through medical school and our game-changing course is here to give premeds what they really want", stated Amareen Dhaliwal, the bright enterprising CEO of Axilogy who is aimed to revolutionize the existing medical education system and make medicine stress-free and less overwhelming.

A promising student of Boston University School of Medicine, Amareen Dhaliwal started her college at the age of 15 and the company at the age of 19. Axilogy has already published 12 MCAT books in its first year and made over $120,000 through their MCAT tutoring program to put aside for the youth shelter and to improve the company. Just one year from their launch, the organization is bustling with shooting success rate and scores of happy, stress free premedical students.

"Medical school doesn’t have to be stressful. Neither does premed" speaking further, she mentioned about her great team of dedicated teachers (all of whom have scored above the 95th percentile on the MCAT), including professors, scientists, med students, teaching assistants and teachers. "We are honestly simply dedicated to making sure everyone we touch base with gets access to the education they worked for without stress or anxiety" Their MCAT program, what initially brought attention to Axilogy, has incorporated the coaching philosophy and through it they’ve opened the doors for many passionate (and happy) future doctors. Axilogy now aims to find education investors who will help support their aim to seek college accreditation through ACE so that students can put the course on their transcript.

Now with MCAT dates filling up, Axilogy has focused on accepting only 15 students a month into their program to ensure that all of their students get the attention they need to get into medical school stress-free. With MCAT students receiving free access to these courses and continuous admissions consulting, it truly takes time and effort. "We are premed counselors first, and teachers second". The fire hydrant effect will be no more if every premed were to take this course. In fact, Axilogy plans to take on thousands of more students in the upcoming years to successfully prepare them to enter medical school. Axilogy believes that both college students and (some) dedicated high school premedical students can utilize this course to get a head start in their medical career so that they can use their spare time in medical school to focus on patient care and their own nonprofit endeavors. Axilogy trains their students to think like teachers so they can spread the information they learn. After all, to be a doctor means to be a teacher; and in that Axilogy excels.

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