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From: tuksychauffeurs
Published: Sun Mar 05 2017

In 2013, a group of drivers from various Bristol-based taxi firms came together to discuss the shortfalls of the current market and to identify what was lacking in available services. They discovered that what was needed was a superior quality and wholly personalised customer experience that was reliable, efficient and, above all, affordable. And so TUKSY was born.

Although relatively new to the industry, TUKSY has succeeded in bringing an innovative and vibrant approach to transport services that is based on the accumulated years of experience and knowledge that our drivers possess, as well as extensive market analysis and client feedback. We understand our clients’ needs and we know that appearance and experience is important, which is why our fleet of cars consist entirely of only the most high-end and executive vehicles, to ensure you have the look, comfort and unique experience to meet your requirements.

You, our client, are our number one priority and we continually strive to improve our service and offer the most that we can. We are currently in the design-phase of developing an exclusive and unique cloud-based mobile dispatch software in order to improve how we communicate and interact with our clients. We are advocates of professional development and so all our chauffeurs are regularly trained and appraised in order to continuously improve their ability to meet our clients’ needs and we frequently look to collaborate with like-minded third parties to improve accessibility and standard of service.

Our aim is to continue to be leaders and a benchmark of quality in this service sector and we look forward to expanding our services in the future to meet the changing needs of our clients. We believe that in doing so we will both meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, cost and reliability which in turn will increase our market share and further cement our position as industry leaders.
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