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Published: Sun Mar 05 2017

The highly educated team associated with Earth’s Tongue examines each strain of mushroom spores using advanced scientific methodology. The spores are diligently developed in aseptic conditions. The developed products are shipped in uncontaminated packages. The zeal of their professional team including research members is apparent from the research tours they undertake for procuring undiscovered species from different parts of the world. The unbeatable quality of Earth’s Tongue’s edible mushroom spores is representative of their research aptitude and whole hearted dedication. If the spores do not germinate then Earth’s Tongue will gladly replace or refund the product however the Earth’s Tongue reviews reveal that their carefully cultured products have never disheartened their customers yet.

Earth’s Tongue’s two latest patented innovations include ‘New Moon’ and ‘Deep Freeze’. ‘New Moon’ is a solution that contains the mushroom spores and actively wards off adulterants while the spores are kept inside the syringe. With the aid of this solution the organic quality of the spores is maintained for longer durations along with sterility and stability. ‘Deep Freeze’ on the other hand is another solution in which mushroom spores can be kept frozen for as long as six years without any adverse effect. It can also buffer hot temperatures as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore keeping spores viable during exceedingly cold winters as well as scorching summers is no longer an irksome affair.

Earth’s Tongue in its desire to innovate, improve, isolate strains of mushrooms genetically have acquired state of the art scientific equipments which also includes filtration units. The spore solutions are developed carefully using these equipments. The huge customized laboratory is entirely devoted for developing spores and strains in sterile conditions. Earth’s Tongue is not only famed for providing first-class mushroom spores but also features the machinery required for growing those spores commercially. Nutrient rich compost is also a part of their product list. The all round scientific approach of Earth’s Tongue towards spore generation sets them above every other company.

About Earth’s Tongue: Earth’s Tongue inaugurated in 1999 is a well known mycology research centre and patented mushroom supplier of superior quality mushroom spores. It is situated at San Antonio, Texas. The company has maintained its name and worth till date and all its products are patented. It has made many innovations since its inception in the field of culturing mushroom spores. These spores are usually packed in completely sterile 10cc or 20cc syringes and are visible to the naked eye. The fine spore prints and spore syringes are exclusively created for investigative research to be conducted in laboratories. The spores available for cultivating edible species of mushrooms can be utilized for both personal and commercial cooking.

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