Man, starts fundraiser lottery to help save the NHS

From: Trust Lottery
Published: Mon Mar 06 2017

The NHS Lottery have announced the launch of a fundraising campaign on Daniel Roberts from the NHS lottery has launched this campaign with a goal of £171,500 that will be used to create an online lottery which donates solely to NHS trusts.

All the proceeds from the campaign will be used to kick-start the NHS lottery. The proceeds from the lottery will be donated weekly to multiple NHS foundations across the UK. They can then in turn buy the much-needed equipment to ensure a top-quality healthcare service. The money made here would enable NHS trusts to buy things that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to afford.

The NHS lottery works like other generic lotteries but the profits will be distributed to various NHS trusts across the country, beginning with the ones in most need. The money is guaranteed to be used on the much-needed things that are unattainable due to financial problems.

When looking at the numbers it becomes aware this could help. For example, If the NHS lottery manages to sell 1 million tickets per week and donated 30%, that would equal to £300,000 that is donated to NHS trusts across the UK every week. This money can be used to buy X-ray machines, MRI machines, hospital beds, ultrasound machines, toys for children wards, the list is endless. There is a deficit of around £2.4billion deficit and it is increasing which is were the success of this campaign becomes important.

The money raised on crowdfunder will cover the costs of a 4-week poster campaign across 150 tube and rail sites as well as a large TV advertising campaign, website development, security, legal fees, national newspaper/radio advertisements for 8 weeks and Plm/society lottery licenses. The exact amount of money required to make the project successful is £171,500. This is a clever idea which can raise funds to improve the services of the NHS in the UK. For More information about the campaign please visit crowdfunder's official website.
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