Benefits Of LED Lights Over Normal Ones

From: LED Light Expert
Published: Mon Mar 06 2017

Due to performance advantages and technological advantages, LED bulbs have gained a lot of popularity over compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent ones. Yes, many people consider them for general purpose lighting. When you buy LED light bulbs, you need to take many factors into consideration; just looking at the wattage of the bulb isn’t enough. In case of LED light bulbs, many things such as the beam spread, the Kelvin, the lumens etc have to be taken care of. Although all such things are very complicated, the factors help in making the process of selection very easy. Purchase good LED lights from and you will never be disappointed.
Basically, the full form of LED is light emitting diode and it is a semi conductor which helps in producing light with small amounts of energy. Have a look at the comparison of traditional lights as well as LEDs and you shall understand the functioning of the devices.
In Incandescent bulbs, electricity is used for heating metal filament. After it is heated up sufficiently, it glows and light is produced. However, it wastes a lot of energy in the process of heating. This is the reason why incandescent bulbs are taken into consideration as an inefficient source of energy.
On the other hand, LEDs use very less energy; around 60 percent of the energy is saved in this kind of lighting.
How to buy these LED light bulbs?
It is not an easy task; it’s not just like buying some small thing. The intended application, the budget and the fit has to be taken into consideration. Given below are some factors that you need to consider while buying LEDs.
When the usage of energy used in LED is compared to that with incandescent light or CFL, you are definitely going to realized that lot of money will be saved in long run. Majority of the times, people don’t understand this and hence, the shift to this new technology is slow.
Cheap LED light bulbs should not be preferred as they are not at all worth. Majority of the bulbs are useless and die very soon i.e. after few months itself. Even if the process of lighting is very sub-par, unless you select a bluish or a sickly light.
There are several manufactures who say that the bulbs are having a very long life. If the manufacturer is boasting that the light will work above 20,000 hours, something is definitely wrong and must be examined immediately. Many a times, there is exaggeration of claims. Hence, everything has to be imagined very closely.
One more thing which you must remember is that these bulbs have a long life but they tend to lose around 50 percent strength as they near the life span. Obviously, they don’t tend to burn out, but you can use them completely whenever you like.
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