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From: Fishytale
Published: Mon Mar 06 2017

FishyTale Digital, an innovator in education and immersive storytelling books has their first Lyle Little Application approved and in The Apple App Store.

Seattle, WA – 2/20/2017 – FishyTale Digital, a new innovator of immersive storytelling books first free Lyle Little app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Eric Luttio, CEO of FishyTale Digital, Inc. is excited to allow kids to get to know and play with the characters from FishyTale’s upcoming first reading adventure, Lyle Little.

FishyTale’s free Lyle Little Character Sharing App, free in The Apple App Store will be the beginning of many children’s first interaction with the universe of Lyle Little and the amazing world of reading.

FishyTale Digital is pleased to announce the free Lyle Little companion app is currently approved and available for free download in The Apple App Store.

Fishytale is excited to present at the National Investment Bankers Association conference in New York next week and continue to share their passion about creating inspiring and educational content, to help create a new generation of readers.

About FishyTale Digital Inc.

FishyTale Digital was founded in July, 2014 by CEO Eric Luttio, a business leader with over 25 years of executive management experience in high tech industries from telecommunication to biotechnology and healthcare; Executive Vice President, Denny Andrews, a former business owner, published author, and corporate trainer who created and presented business strategies for Boeing Microsoft, Farmers Insurance and hundreds of other companies.

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