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Published: Tue Mar 07 2017

Jersey Urology Group offershigh quality urological services to ensure the health of the extended community. It has a patient friendly setting and provides comprehensive urology services on a budget. The group is pleased to offer their services to its patients with state-of-the-art technology and innovative therapies for the treatment of all urologic conditions. The physicians and staff provide the highest quality of services available today. The physicians and doctor provide comprehensive and compassionate urological care to the patients and are privileged to serve them with the utmost of care. They provide personalized attention to each patient and ensure he or she is treated properly by the friendly and skilled team.

Dr Hirsh is the number one Urolift physician in the world. Dr. Wren is the number one urologist for performing minimally invasive procedures to correct urination disorders. Many of our physicians have various accolades in their respective sub-specialties. If you are looking to find the best urologist near Philadelphia, your search ends right here on their site ( ).

These services include treating kidney stones, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, urination issues, infertility, and other complex urological cases at an affordable cost. You can schedule the appointment right now and receive a comprehensive consultation from the best urologists in New Jersey. The office provides a secure patient portal also to book a private consultation right now.

They have six offices in New Jersey to cater to the entire state as well as the Philadelphia market. The website has a variety of patient resources as well as introductory videos from their doctors. Important informationregarding the offices and policies is available as well. Due to the growing number of urological cases referred to the team, Jersey Urology Group has a fantastic reputation in treating patients easily and comfortably. Some of the specialties they focus on is InterstimTherapy, Urolift treatments, Rezum therapy, as well as advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction in general.

The practice group site consists of some of the highest trained urologists in the country. It is also one of (if not the) youngest group of urologists in the country.

When we contacted them, they told us that their innovative use of technology has allowed them to implement "centralized airline-level scheduling" in all of their offices; this allows them to schedule patient consultations within 24 hours in most cases, whereas most urology practices have a patient wait time that is much longer. Given the high quality and responsiveness of care offered, Jersey Urology Group is the team to see when you have any adult urological issue.
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