From: ToyVend plc
Published: Mon Apr 04 2005

Shopping centres and stores could be facing huge compensation claims by unwittingly selling kiddies capsules that can shatter into sharp pieces and have the potential to cause injury,

The warning comes from the UK’s largest toy and sweet vending company, after it put a number of imported capsules to the test.

"I couldn’t believe what some vending machines were dispensing," said ToyVend General Manager Nick Clarke. "We’ve been sourcing bendy polypropyline capsules for some time, but have now spent £150,000 installing our own machinery to ensure the quality is right."

ToyVend’s capsules have been tested by trading standards officials to withstand 40kg of pressure. The company is now putting a sticker on its machines to tell people their capsules are totally safe, cannot shatter and are approved by trading standards officials. "This is a huge problem because imported capsules are cheap to buy, but by installing our own machinery we have overcome the problem," said Nick.

The 12 year old company, which supplies millions of capsules every year to operators for their machines, has suggested that all shops with a toy vending machine should check the capsules. "If they are rigid they are likely to shatter. Those that are bendy will not shatter and are safe,"’ said Nick.

ToyVend is offering to test samples free of charge. "Our quality department puts thousands of products through extreme tests every year to ensure that we only supply safe products but we will be happy to help and advise shops on what they are selling as there have been some nasty accidents with youngsters."

ToyVend plc, based in Rugby, Warwickshire, can be contacted on 01788 577714 or e.mail on sales@toyvend.co.uk. Their web site is: www. toyvend.co.uk


Company: ToyVend plc
Contact Name: Nick Clarke
Contact Email: nick@toyvend.co.uk
Contact Phone: 01788 577714

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