Urban Agriculture Announces Spring 2017 Product Lineup

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Published: Wed Mar 15 2017

The Urban Agriculture Company, which makes all-in-one organic gardening grow kits and outdoor living products, today announced an expansion with several new products that take city gardening and outdoor fun to the next level. With its new line for spring 2017, Urban Agriculture moves beyond organic gardening grow kits into gifts and games designed to breathe life into a home—whether it’s a windowsill, backyard or balcony.

Urban Agriculture started in 2016 after founder and CEO Chad Corzine committed to a healthier lifestyle of eating well and experiencing nature everyday. After looking for a simple approach to organic gardening at home, Corzine quickly realized that all the options on the market were cumbersome, expensive or both. Corzine began making his own all-in-one gardening grow kits and selling them at farmers markets across Los Angeles, officially launching his company, Urban Agriculture. Today, the company offers a
wide range of gardening grow kits for vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as gift sets and accessories. Urban Agriculture is on a mission to help make growing and maintaining a garden accessible and simple for everyone, no matter the size of their living space.

"At Urban Agriculture, we are passionate about making it fun and easy to lead a balanced, nature-filled life," said Chad Corzine, founder and CEO of Urban Agriculture. "From our garden grow kits to games and gift sets, we are bringing fresh, innovative products to help anyone with a space as small as a windowsill to experience the rewards of gardening and bring more nature into their lives everyday."

Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture’s spring 2017 product line features a range of green-focused products that appeal to all ages and are quickly taking over as a go-to gift for loved ones and friends. Highlights include:

• The original Urban Agriculture grow kits. Recently featured as a top product of the year by Oprah, these gardening kits contain everything you need to start a garden in the palm of your hand. Kits include one pack of organic seeds, OMRI-certified organic soil and a growing container made of 100 percent recycled tea bags from India that allows for perfectly drained and aerated soil. The result? Kits do not require any transplanting, so there’s no mess or cleanup. Kits are available for growing flowers like snapdragons and forget-me-nots, fresh herbs like purple basil and sage, and vegetables like kale, arugula, tomatoes and carrots.

• Space-saving herb kits. Think your place is too small for a garden? Think again. Hang these kits in a handy place, and you can clip basil, chives, cilantro, mint, rosemary and more for your favorite meal.

• Outdoor games, remixed. Classic outdoor games get a stylish update - choose from games like bocce ball, croquet, horse shoes, yard dice and tug of war to liven up the backyard. Each game set comes with a garden bag or box, making it easy to bring these wherever the summer leads you.

• "Grow your own" cocktail and "grow your own tea" kits. The go-to summer
gifts allow anyone to grow the herbs needed for their favorite cocktail or tea. Cocktail kits come in varieties like Mint Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Blackberry Pisco Sour, Basil Gold Rush and more. Each craft cocktail set includes one herb grow kit, one muddler, straining spoon, one mason jar cocktail shaker and a recipe designed to bring out the most of your fresh herbs by Urban Agriculture’s master mixologist, Harry Chin. The tea kits include one herb grow kit and a large tea cup for growing. Varieties include chamomile, lemon balm and lavender.

• Herb-infused olive oil and cocktail ice kits. Take your presentation game to the next level with herb-infused olive oil or cocktail ice. Infused oil kits come in basil and rosemary and include a grow kit, bottle of olive oil and recipe. Cocktail ice kits come in mint or cilantro, and include one grow kit and a specialty ice mold.

• Gardening tools with a twist. Accessories are half the fun, and Urban Agriculture wants gardeners of all levels to garden in style. Their newest releases include a trowel with a bottle opener, hanging garden wall fixture, dual grow kit container and more.

Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture’s products are available online or in more than 3,600 storefronts across the United States, including Target, Williams-Sonoma, Nordstrom and more.


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