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Published: Tue Mar 21 2017

Sign in unlimited visitors

There are no limits on the number of visitors who can sign-in or hosts in your directory. It doesn’t matter how many visitors entry you get per day, Ring It accommodates them all.

Multiple locations, one dashboard

Distance no longer counts. Ring It helps you centrally manage all your office locations and their connected devices from one web dashboard. You can also see if your office devices are offline in their various locations and when they need a Ring It update.

Manage, Assign with web dashboard

Ring It web dashboard manages your locations, configures account settings and imports employee contact, with you as the administrator. As an admin, Ring It grants you the flexibility to assign admin roles to others in your organisation, giving them permission to carry out certain tasks according to their specific duties.

Check information of past, present and pre-registered visitors with the dashboard’s calendar view or export a handy CSV spreadsheet of data.

Ring It is also mobile compatible which makes it easy to access via a phone to account for visitors in an emergency.

Data for smarter business decisions

Trend spotting has been made easy with Ring It. The in-built analytic and reporting functions provides more powerful insight to make smarter business decisions.

Automated notifications from guests

Email, SMS or Push notifications it doesn’t matter which medium you choose. Ring It automatically notifies the host when their visitor arrives.

Multilingual sign-in

Ring it has made it easy to display your device in various languages to suit your different customers.

Guest Pre-registration

Send your guests a calendar invitation, meeting details, directions, parking tips, and more, all in one email in a few seconds. As host you can enable pre-registration for any visitor you wish to invite to your office. By-pass troubles that come with guests finding your office, not knowing the Wi-Fi password or parking at the wrong spot.

Pre-registering your guests puts them at ease, keeps their focus on the business at hand and saves them time as their details will automatically show once they sign-in.

Customized visitor badges

Ring It provides your visitor’s badge in a second. You can choose to customize these badges at anytime and get them printed out immediately.

Want more personalization? Make visitor badges with a custom layout and your logo. Our team would work with you to design a badge that shows off your company’s brand and wow your visitors.

Be notified about unwelcome guests

Receive mails or SMS alerts when you activate our custom watchlist feature each time certain visitors sign-in or are pre-registered. Identify these visitors using name, email, and phone number.

Retrieve data from our secure cloud

Directory entries and visitor data are all encrypted and stored on our secure servers, they are accessible, safe and constantly backed up.

Ring It is perfect for managing multiple offices from one company account. It can be accessed anywhere at any time and can run even when there is a network glitch. Guests can sign-in during offline mode and details sync when next your device connects to Wi-Fi.

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