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From: Berties Clothing
Published: Tue Mar 21 2017

–Berties is a premium fashion boutique, offering designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. One of their major focus is to spice up the usual work attire, by following trends and yet making the outfit comfortable for work atmosphere.
Knowing that people are tired of same old office shirts and trousers and arelooking to make it more fabulous, Berties can be the guide to turn to, for getting some insightsinfashion and personal styling options. People are curious knowhow Berties manages to do so. Well, it is quite simple, not really but every year they handpickthe best pieces from each season and make the selection fromover 40 of the world’s most covetable collections.
Throwing on a pair of crisped iron shirt and skirt or trouser seems more convenient every morning. It might seem like a lot less effort, even hassle free for some but over time, wearing the same outfit gets dull and does not project ones personality or style. So why not add few styling options which can easily be mixed and matched to fix for multiple semi-formal outfits?
Changing a wardrobe options is like changing a personality. From the endless options out there, it is easy to pick out the shiniest from the rack but there are always chances of it not complimenting dutifully and does not turn out to be as alluring as it should be. That is where fashion experts like Bertiestake over suggesting outfits from current trends and inviting their clients to give a try to bold and print, latest styles.Mix and matching can be the style statement, of course with right items and by not overdoing it. Like one cannot go wrong when picked a plain white or beige t-shirt topping it off with flower print overcoat. Both classy, sophisticated and comfortable to work around ina daily routine.

Berties aim to inspire styling by making it easy and unlocking infinite optionsof it for pairing your favourite occasion wear with your fashion staples. With a team out there to advice on the latest trends, giving glimpses of the right pieces out there to suit the body type helps enriching fashion and styling for an individual.

About Berties:
Berties is a boutique in Northampton.It was established in 1993 and specialises in personal styling, trend and fit advice on casual daywear, work wear, evening outfits or that special occasion piece. They are known for offering free personal styling in-store and online. They love fashion and try to deliver fantastic service to make clients experience as pleasurable as possible.

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