The global portable ultrasound devices market is expected to reach around USD 7.0 billion by 2022, g

From: Infinium Global Research
Published: Tue Mar 21 2017

The global portable ultrasound devices market is expected to reach around USD 7.0 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 22.2% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2022.

Nowadays, Modern ultrasound imaging is a relatively simple concept that is made reality by sophisticated technology. High frequency sounds waves, usually 1-20 MHz (8), are transmitted into the body, encountering tissue, organs, fluid, gas, and bone. As these waves travel along, they are both absorbed and reflected by the different materials and interfaces within the human body. Some of the reflections, or echoes, return back to the transmitter. The amplitude of the returning reflections is determined by the change in impedance between mediums. It is important to note that ultrasound imaging does not involve radiation and has proven to be safe to use on humans. No patient has ever suffered serious injury from a non-contrast enhancing ultrasound exam.

Rapid technological advancements coupled with huge investments in the healthcare sector and support from governments and private organizations for the research and development resulting in innovation and introduction of portable medical devices. Growing incidence of chronic diseases and increasing demand for home healthcare fuelled the growth of portable ultrasound devices. The rising demand for home healthcare and point of care diagnostics have led to the introduction of these portable ultrasound devices into the market. These devices can be folded into a small package whenever there is a need for transportation. In addition, these devices can be connected to computer to view digitally generated images and send directly to the clinician for further treatment. Portable ultrasound devices help patients minimizing their cost of treatment by avoiding their traveling to hospitals. The technology has progressed to the point where there is little difference between the high-end portable devices and the low-end cart-based systems when performing typical exams. These are some of the driving factors fueling the growth of the market in the coming years.

Report Highlights:

The report delivers a strategic analysis of the global portable ultrasound devices market and growth forecast for the period from 2016 – 2022. The scope of the report includes segmental analysis based on type of application, and also based on type of device. It also covers geographical analysis of the market with growth forecast for the period of 2016 – 2022. The geographic analysis section covers market for Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and MEA (Middle East and Africa). The Porter’s Five Forces analysis also included in the report provides an insight into market dynamics and industry competition.

Moreover, the report also includes growth strategies and entry barriers to be considered to cater to the exact business opportunities in this market. Additionally, to aid in strategic decision making, the report also includes competitive profiling of leading players, recent developments in the industry, SWOT Analysis financial analysis, key executives and various business strategies adopted by them. This report will help players in global portable ultrasound devices market to plan and implement their strategies in different market areas such as emerging geographies, and new technologies.

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