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From: Yatharth Management
Published: Tue Mar 21 2017

Yatharth Management Solutions is one of the leading web-to-print, inventory management, management information solution and PDF editing solutionsÂ’ provider. Under the flagship Yatharth Management Solutions LLP, our products are widely used by industry leaders.

Designed specifically for the international print and graphics art community, this web based software is being used by hundreds of companies. This softwareÂ’s ease of use, integration with third party apps and in-built order management system makes it the most preferred web-to-print software.

With YMS inventory management solution, managing inventories of small, medium and large scale wholesalers and retailers is easy and accurate. Benefits such as increased efficiency, boost in sales, reliable delivery operations and easy access of information makes it the best inventory software globally.

YMS’s MIS is widely adopted by businesses to improve their productivity by bringing about automation. The software organizes data in an accurate manner, helps in making real time data backed decisions and in tracking trends. Designed to help managers make better decisions, the key characteristics of our MIS include — effectiveness, usefulness and relevance.

Yatharth Management Solutions LLP was started in 2012 as a complete IT company. With a highly skilled team and superior technical know-how, within few months we became the leading IT solutions provider in the global market. Our management team brings on-board decades of experience thatÂ’s unmatchable.

During this time, our clients asked us to help them find an online applications provider to personalize products and create attention grabbing new product designs. Being their solution provider partners, our analysts started the exhaustive process of evaluating the available options. After months of searching for options, carrying out detailed studies, using demons and trial versions and 1000+ email chats with the available alternatives, we concluded that either the solution was too complex to understand and use or missed the basic features required in the print industry. The existing solutions were developed without taking into consideration individual convenience.

To help our esteemed clients scale their business, we assembled a team of world-class developers to develop a print application to address and fulfil our customerÂ’s needs. We studied the industry and processes in-depth and by mid-2014 came up with a customized framework. Our designer tool accompanied by e-commerce web store was an innovation, being the first mobile compatible solution supported by HTML 5.

This became a quick hit and within 6 months we got more than 40 clients solely via references and the numbers are growing ever since then. Our team of analysts and developers further immersed to understand the client expectations and the challenges of the printing industry. Based on their observation and industry knowledge, we concluded that the solution had to save time, improve the quality of service and offer more personalized features for both corporate and retail clients. In 2015, we released our first corporate exclusive-solution. WeÂ’ve partnered with 200+ print companies based in Europe, USA and Middle-East.

We credit our customers for sharing their pain points that enable us to come up with ground breaking solutions. Their valuable insights into the printing business needs help us draw the future roadmap for tomorrowÂ’s solutions. They motivate us to constantly innovate and create products based on the latest trends and technology in the print industry.

Get on-board with YMS, our expert team and advanced solutions will grow your business by more than 70% in 3 months while reducing the operational costs by more than 30%.

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