Five Places To Go And Things To Do In Central-America

Published: Fri Mar 24 2017

Central-America is a made up of seven small countries that link North America to South America. While they are small countries, they have huge amount of culture and ancient ruins to explore. Central America travel is becoming more popular, and there are many things to do in Central-America. Here are some of the best things to do in Central-America.

1. Hummingbird Highway, Belize

The Hummingbird Highway passes through citrus orchards and jungle, which skirt Maya Mountain range’s northern edge. The highway offers amazing views, and there are interesting stops along the highway, which include Cave’s Beach, St Herman’s Cave, and Blue Hole.

2. Tikal, Guatemala

One of the most striking features of Tikal is the steep-sided templets, which can reach heights of 44 meters. Tikal is different from other Mayan sites because it is located deep into the jungle. Most of the plazas have been cleared of vines and trees. Some of the temples have been uncovered and restored over the years. You will need to walk under a dense canopy of the rainforest when you are outside of the buildings.

3. Ruata De Las Flores, El Salvador

Ruata De Las Flores is a popular spot for tourists and is a nice break from the cities that most people like to stay in. This colonial town is great for lazy weekends exploring the markets and the galleries. You can also explore the countryside by bike, horseback, or hiking. Ruata De Las Flores is also the home to the first coffee plantation in El Salvador. There is also a weekly food festival for you to enjoy.

4. Santa Elena and Monteverde, Costa Rica

Between the two preserved cloud forests, there is a slim area of civilization that is made up of the Santa Elea and Monteverde. This area was covered in an article in a 1983 National Graphic, which named it one of the best places to see the many famous birds of Central America. The area is still popular to visit today and is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about alternative energy sources and organic farming.

5. Panama City

Panama City is the most cosmopolitan city in Central America, so it is a popular spot for tourists. The city acts a gateway to Central America travel, and it is a fun destination itself. Panama City is also home to many international banks and trading companies. The skyline is similar to Miami, with all the steel towers and the beach.

There are still many colonial neighborhoods in Casco Viejo, which is just outside of Panama City. While the buildings were empty and left to crumble, small businesses and artists have been moving into Casco Viejo. There are many buildings being renovated to save them and to turn them into usable spaces. The area is now filled with some of the hottest shops, cafes, and lofts.

Central America travel can be a part of many South America trips because many of the countries are so close together. Central America is a great holiday destination because there are so many things to do and see.
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