Exciting Things To Do In Austria

Published: Fri Mar 24 2017

Austria is undoubtedly one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. There is absolutely no off season in this country; the Austria tourism industry during the winter season is as lively as the summer season especially in the mountainous region. Aside from the enthralling scenic beauty of the country, the travelers are also attracted at the splendid cosmopolitan city of Vienna and the historic place of Salzburg. Nestled at the heart of the Europe, the country has always been the melting point of aristocratic conspiracy and historic events. Here are some of our pick on the top places to visit in Austria.

Best Things to Do in Austria

In case you think that choosing the best destination in Austria is an overwhelming experience, consider our recommendation that will allow you to have memorable and ultimate travel experience in Austria.

Vienna Hofburg

The stunning architecture of Hofburg Palace has served as the seat of the monarchy for centuries. Today, the President of Austria is still conducting business at a room that used to belong to Emperor Joseph II. The different influence in architecture in this structure is due to the alteration and the addition of different rulers. You will notice a Classicism, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance and Gothic Architectural style. Visiting the Sisi Museum is one of the top things to do in Austria. This museum highlights the history of the country during the time of Empress Elisabeth.

Mozart’s Birthplace

When you visit Salzburg, there are numerous facilities that are claiming to have a connection with the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but only a few of them are important and relevant. One of the places to visit in Austria would be the birthplace of the genius composer; the No.9 Getreidegasse which has been transformed into a Museum that is filled with instruments, portraits, and mementos of Mozart.

Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is one of the major parts of Austria tourism industry. The place was established during the time of Maximilian II. As we all know, Maximilian II is the man behind the introduction of the Lipizzaner during the year 1562 in Austria. Nowadays, it is the only place in Austria that practiced the classic riding style favored by the Aristocrats. Viewing the world-renowned display of equestrian is one of the best things to do in Austria especially when you are in Vienna. The hall of the structure was constructed last 1735 to pay tribute to the nobles who are displaying their magnificent horse-riding skills.

Austrian National Library

There is something for every type of travelers in Austria. For the book lovers, one of the best places to visit in Austria would be the Austrian National Library. The structure has a Baroque architectural style and has an extraordinary accumulation of literary works during the 14th century. The place has at least 2.5 million collections of books, and it is regarded as one of the major libraries of our world. Aside from the collection at primary halls, there are also other interesting collections such as musical sheets, papyrus, portraits, maps and other prints.

These are just a few of our recommendation of the top things to do in Austria. For more exciting information about Austria, be sure to keep posted on tourist tube.
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