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From: Airconco (UK) Ltd
Published: Tue Jun 03 2008

Airconco has always been considered to be an innovator in the industry of air conditioning and, with a newly designed website and new branding, implemented with the help of a specialist branding company, the company has maintained its position one step ahead of its competitors.

With no real change to Airconco’s website since 1997, this marks a significant moment in the company’s history. During the mid to late 90s, Airconco invested heavily in the internet while many of their competitors failed to see the value in the new technology. This gave Airconco a significant head start over other air conditioning companies when it came to online business. Indeed, Airconco was relatively unchallenged in this arena until just four years ago.

With the new and improved site up and running, the Air Conditioning Company now recognise the competition that exists online, while still keeping a firm grasp on their dominant position in the market.

The past five years have seen a 100-300% growth per year in the air conditioning market and Airconco has been quick to capitalise, providing air conditioning services for a huge number of big name clients including financial institutions such as American Express and the Bank of Scotland and giants in the entertainment and media industry, including the BBC Corporation, Channel 4 Television and MTV’s European Networks.

Perhaps the major reason for Airconco’s success lies in its ability to provide clients with online quotes, something which Airconco believes makes them unique within the air conditioning market, combined with the fact that it can also deliver portable air conditioning equipment to nearly any address on mainland Britain within 6 hours. This is especially beneficial to companies where their own air conditioning has failed and that a computer crash is imminent if the communications room is not sufficiently cool. The innovative "Coolculator" system that Airconco has employed on their website provides clients an immediate online quote, meaning less wasted call outs, resulting in lower prices.

70% of all air conditioning installations in the UK are within the M25 area where, for radio and TV advertising purposes, they trade as CucumberMan, which is the best known air conditioning brand in the South.

About Airconco:
Airconco began by renting out de-humidifiers, primarily to insurers, following flood damage on property. With climate change around the globe, the need for de-humidifying systems was reduced and Airconco diversified into portable air conditioners. Always innovators, Airconco had to buy air conditioners in bulk from Italy, due to the main manufacturers being based in that country and not selling units in small numbers. Following this, Airconco became the largest specialist rental supplier of portable air conditioning units in the UK, providing services to a huge range of clients, including Abbey National, Royal Bank of Canada, Federal Express, Virgin Atlantic, BBC Corporation, Pinewood Studios, Buckingham Palace and many more.

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