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Published: Sun Apr 09 2017

Buy Marijuana Online
The process of ordering weed nowadays has become a very difficult and almost impossible task for many people . So the demand for weed has become more higher than the supply for weed. This is because marijuana has not been legalised in all states (jurisdictions). So to acquire marijuana nowadays is becoming very impossible. There has been a very high demand now of marijuana online since it's becoming impossible to purchase from a local dispensary without a medical proposition and card. But with every situation there has always still been a problem of "How to Buy Marijuana Online". I will give a detail explanation of how the process works.

1- You will have to go online on your computer, tablet or phone

2- You will have to search for trusted marijuana online sellers. Note there is a high scam rate of marijuana online, so you will have to be careful about the choice you make.
2(a)- To know if a marijuana website is reputable and does sell, you will have to check on the online details and reviews about the business and ensure they have a verified google map location.

3- Most marijuana websites nowadays do accept payments via credit cards and bitcoin, so you can easily place your order over the phone or on the website.

4- Once your order has been placed, the company will either contact you by phone or mail to verify your order with you

5- Packaging and shipping negotiations will be made. N/B It is almost impossible to ship weed via the mail, but most people use USPS to deliver though sometimes it get intercepted by the sniffing dogs and such

6- Order will be shipped out on the next business day and usually a tracking number is been issued
6(a)- Shipment within the USA sometimes take 2-3 days to successfully get completed

7- Order will then be shipped to you
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