[ClickPress, Mon Apr 10 2017] Oneness University is concerned with Spirituality along with different type of Social Activities all over the Nation organised every week.

Oneness, besides being engaged in its vision to help humanity become free of the illusion of separation and establish it in a state of Oneness, is also assiduously associated with the creation of a new society, a new community, laying a foundation at the grass root level – the village. It also reaches out to the most marginalized cross-sections of society by enriching their lives through self empowerment and community development. Because India is 70% rural, to build India you need to build its villages. It is towards this end; Sri Amma Bhagavan is trying to create village communities with happy and fulfilled individuals and families. Hence the work for transforming villages began.

Oneness Care is a social wing of the Oneness University. It is based on one of the beautiful teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan, “To serve one’s self is pleasure and To serve others is Joy”, was started to reach out to some of the most marginalized sections of society. Through programs and self empowerment and community development it carves the way to healthier, happier, and fulfilled lives.

“Happy individuals create a happy world” say Sri Amma Bhagavan. When a man is happy, the society around him would automatically envelope a sense of cooperation and sharing, whereas, out of unhappiness he creates an environment that is detrimental to the well being to the community.

Happiness is the index of growth’ say Sri Amma Bhagavan. Oneness believes that without the rudiments of a happy inner state, good relationships and passion for growth, one would not be able to sustain external progress. Social help should be preceded by personal transformation and so begun with educating the villagers on good relationships, instilled passion for growth and learning, conducted women empowerment programs, and then brought in the social help like medical camps, water facility, house facility, providing farming equipments, education, community centres etc.

Other activities like Clean India, Clean Ganga, distributing butter milk, sweet water during summer, educating poor children’s, distributing books and stationary stuffs to the needy children’s, spending time in old age home and orphanage home, feeding poor people, conducting marriage of poor daughters, blood donation camps, free medical checkup camp and many more activities initiated by the volunteers of Oneness University in the every corner of India.
Now a days the volunteers have also joined to the new era’s mission i.e. Digital India. They have started educating the villagers to operate online things.
All these activities are recognised and appreciated by the Government & Gazetted Officers in most of the cities.
Oneness volunteers expressed their Gratitude towards Sri Amma Bhagavan for teaching them the real meaning and purpose of life. The realisation for serving people is a great experience for them. Specially the youths of the different part of India is taking part in this mission of Oneness. Becoming selfless is this world of selfishness is a live miracle for human being. This is what the aim of Oneness “ To set human totally & unconditionally free”.

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