When Authors Retreat, Books Happen

From: Write to Sell Your Book
Published: Mon Apr 10 2017

Unveiling the secrets that led to her guiding her author-clients to become bestselling authors, Diane O’Connell is inviting writers of all levels to join her on a Guided Novel Writing Retreat. This upcoming retreat will mark the fourth time Diane is sharing her insider expertise on writing a bestseller novel, with each hand-picked attendant receiving personalized, one-on-one coaching, along with group development activities, all in the breathtaking Berkshire Mountains.

Diane O’Connell, an author and former Random House editor with over 25+ years of experience, wrote her award-winning book for new authors, The Novel-Maker’s Handbook: the no-nonsense guide to crafting a marketable story, while on a writing retreat herself; this experience led her to develop the kind of experience she finds authors need to make leaps instead of strides.

"For years, I’ve been guiding first-time authors to develop stories that will resonate with readers and find a home in the publishing marketplace," says O’Connell. "I developed this retreat as a way to teach writers these successful techniques, with the goal of accelerating their progress. I’ve had attendants with as little as an idea or an outline, to an entire manuscript, who have benefitted immensely from this experience."

Writers are often depicted as living the life of a recluse; Diane has pushed against this stereotype, finding that her author-clients work faster and better when alongside other like-minded authors. "It’s the simple rule of work ethics; we tend to work harder when we have companions with whom to share our experience."

Situated in the Berkshire Mountains, the historic Kemble Inn has partnered with O’Connell to bring the perfect atmosphere that encourages authors to channel their creative spirit. "When searching for the perfect place to write my last book I came across the Kemble Inn," notes O’Connell. "Being there infused me with such rich creative energy; my past attendees have confirmed that this is a place where writers thrive." Past attendee Carolyn Kay Brancato agrees: "This retreat helped me jumpstart my next novel and I can honestly say that Diane has changed my life and helped me to get closer to my dream of being a published fiction author."

Registration is still open for the Novel Writing Retreat, with only a few spots remaining. Get more details and find out if the retreat is right for you by visiting http://www.writetosellyourbook.com/novel-writing-retreat
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