Controversial ‘Goodbye Animal’ Series Goes Unnoticed

From: Liz Ash LLC
Published: Tue Apr 11 2017

Washington, DC: Artist Liz Ash released a contraversal series of illustrations called Goodbye Animals which features 6 endangered animals. Using a clever collage format, the artist tells the story of each of animal’s species by depicting the stories of famous animals. Inside the shapes of their bodies, she literally draws on and recalls historical events: Hurambe the Gorilla who was executed, Topsy the electrocuted Elephant, Cecil the Lion killed by a dentist in Africa, Louis IX’s Menagerie where animals fought to the death for entertainment, Knut Berlin Zoo’s prize attraction who died of malnutrition, television star Lonesome George the Sea Turtle who was "found dead" without offspring, etc. This very controversial series was released to the public in April of 2017, and yet it garnered no media coverage at all. It goes to show that no one really looks at anything for too long anymore, because these details - like CECIL written on the T-shirt of a man sitting behind a Lion would take a moment to find. But perhaps what she depicted and the equation of Hunters as Serial Killers is an actuality that people don’t really want to see or accept.

"The series is supposed to be from the perspective of the animal," Ash comments, "and if they could speak, I am not sure we would want to hear what they would have to say about what humans have done over the years. How our relationship with these animals has changed from utilizing them for survival to utilizing them for murder. Serial killers generally take a ‘trophy’ from their victims, a lock of hair, a ring, a necklace, etc. I equated that with all the people who have stuffed animal heads hanging on their walls which is a trend these days. That’s the trophy of a serial killer because statistics can tell us that most people don’t just hunt once, they do it again and again and just like gambling the stakes get higher and higher. The thrill of the hunt, the stalk of their pray…. It’s the same thing that a serial killer does but somehow it’s ok because they are animals."

Liz Ash has never released any fine art, this is her first series where she was inspired by the story of Cecil and wanted her drawing of certain endangered animals to literally take the place of physical animals on the walls of people’s homes - in a 2 dimensional form. In the synopsis of the series, Ash states, "from the perspective of an artist who knows how it feels to be hunted and objectified." The whole ‘women being objectified’ in the United States and else where is an age old tale that no one really wants to hear about anymore - the election of Trump clearly endorses that - considering his history is marred with events where he objectified and even physically harmed women. The man is a misogonist and there is absolutely no denying it, but really what man isn’t behind closed doors? He is just upfront and open, at least, it’s somewhat respectable that you get what you see. Other liberal men just save face in front of women and have jumped on the Trump-hate bandwagon but it’s most likely true these men, when in the company of other men, belittle women in the exact same manner. Before getting off topic, I believe this quote of Ash’s is revealing that she perhaps is a survivor of rape or victim of some sort of crime, all one has to do is look at each of the animals to piece this together, as she relates to them. What most want to know is if the man’s actual name is released? Or, if this property holding socialite in South Beach is just walking around without anyone knowing any better. "There has to be more women," Ash notes. For now, she’ll focus her efforts on how we endorse serial killers in our culture without really even realizing it. Think about it for a second: stuffed animals are everywhere and we love them starting from childhood.

Liz Ash is a Freelance Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer with a knack for Creativity, a passion for Technology and an eye for Newness (up-and-coming, new trends, forecasting). Ash specifically focuses on consulting and development in art, illustration, design, and branding. Ash also develops hand illustrations in serial works that are available in fine art originals and prints. WWW.LIZASH.COM
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