Big Muscles Latest Product Launch: Critical Mass

From: Big Muscles Nutrition
Published: Tue Apr 11 2017

Very few companies, like do, can claim about doing the hard research before formulating their products. Mostly these companies blindly copy other’s formula; add a few fillers, colour and simply market as something new. Their newest product, Critical Mass outshines their competitors’ products by a huge margin. The best part is this product contains the least possible simple carbohydrates as the focus is on gaining critical mass.

This formulation shows how concerned BigMuscles are for their clients. The broad spectrum of protein which includes Soy and Whey plus Casein shows that protein will flow freely all the day and night. The addition of Creatine & Glutamine indicates the support for resistance training & weight lifting and all strenuous exercises. To make these physical efforts sustainable, the addition of sucrose and two types of milk powder shows the focused approach which no other competitor does.

To explain this product in a better light, let us examine some of the ingredients separately. Only then one can visualize how different this product is and how bodybuilders can extract the maximum out of this:

The healthy protein mix The combo of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and to top it up is the protein hydrolysate variety speaks in volumes about the intention. This product does not cut corners from any angle. The Soy protein isolate means you get the full spectrum of animal plus vegetable protein. While exercising this supplement will provide best support for your muscles and look after them with total care. Not stopping here is the addition of micellar casein for sustained release feature surely tells this product is just out of this world. Your muscles get energy not only during workouts but also before you start and it is because of the presence of Casein protein.

Triple Boosters in Creatine, Glutamine & L-Arginine, this simply means your extra pumps in strenuous exercises are assured. Your workouts will deliver full satisfaction and you will strive for more with every passing day. The muscles breakdowns will be towards the lowest possible and the repair work will be accelerated so that the mass accumulation happens much earlier than you ever imagined. After all, this is what bodybuilders aim for when they start off.

L-Arginine means there is enough support for Nitric Oxide generation which improves blood supply and more oxygen to the muscles. This means wherever necessary, the bodybuilders can go for the extra pumps and reach their targets no matter how big they are.

The surprising addition of Whole Milk Powder & Skimmed Milk Powder and Starch is another winning combination and not filler as advertised by many. The mix of full-fat & skim-fat ensures the fat percentage is just right for lubricating the muscles. The tiny amount of sucrose is introduced as fuel so that starting off is never difficult. The added maltodextrin shows that complex sugars here are a priority.

Lastly, when you introduce two convenient sizes, that is 1kg and 2.7 kg shows that you are concerned about the athlete. Once a bottle is purchased, for a month they do not need to look elsewhere. Small touches like these always touch anyone’s heart and BigMuscles is successful in their endeavours.

Customer-Friendly Approach
BigMuscles welcomes their clients to clear any of the queries they may have. All they have to do is to visit our website and use the contact-us link. It is the feedback which underscores how the product actually works for the target audience. BigMuscles is known for its positive interaction with its members and the general public and formulating products for their benefit.
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