launches an OPEN Real Estate commissions and rebates Internet platform.

From: RebateLeads, Inc.
Published: Thu Apr 20 2017

RebateLeads, Inc. has launched its’ OPEN Real Estate commissions and rebates platform today, making it available across the United States. This is the first online Real Estate system of its kind that utilizes an open and autonomous process to advertise Real Estate Agents' competitive commissions and rebates as well as connects Real Estate Sellers and Buyers directly with the best Agents in the local area. The innovative system relies on user participation and the market forces to promote competitive commissions and rebates bidding without taxing the process with referral and subscription fees and access is free for all users.

Up until now, companies advertising Real Estate rebates and commission have been masking true savings by negotiating with select group of Agents behind closed doors and presenting offers to Sellers and Buyers that would normally include 25-50% "middle-man" referral markups. The OPEN and autonomous nature of the Internet allows to effectively compete with these outdated "middle-man" services by allowing Real Estate Agents advertise competitive rates directly to Sellers and Buyers without prejudices and unnecessary costs imposed by referral fees.

"We are very excited about our new service, especially because its success will inevitably make homeownership more affordable for everyone in the United States" said co-founder Dmitry Shkipin, "our service is a smart combination of the latest Internet technology with a novel idea of an OPEN commissions marketplace, this has never been done before, and we look forward to helping people across the country to find the best and most competitive local Real Estate agency representation." delivers its service by giving the Buyers and Sellers the tool to create and distribute "leads" for selling or buying Real Estate to local Agents, who have signed up to advertise their fees and services. Real Estate Agents receive the benefits of free advertising and new opportunities without having to broadcast participation outside of the network. Sellers and Buyers participate by creating "leads" specific to their buying and selling needs. lets Sellers and Buyers select specific Agents whom to share their "lead" with directly and instantly. The process allows for competitive advertisement while generating solid interest inquiries from Real Estate Sellers and Buyers.

"This system is long overdue, with Real Estate market prices always moving, Sellers and Buyers cannot rely on ‘standard commission rates.’ There is a need for competitive commissions and rebates structure and our online service does exactly that. We look forward to expanding, improving and maintaining this network in the best possible manner."

RebateLeads, Inc is a Silicone Valley based Internet start-up, dedicated to connecting Real Estate Sellers and Buyers with local Agents by operating an OPEN online commissions marketplace. Real Estate Agents may advertise competitive commissions and rebates while Sellers and Buyers generate new "leads" by contacting Real Estate Agents directly. is not a "middle-man" and does not ask for referral fees. To find out more and to join please visit us at
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