iBanOnline Offering its Customers Easy Returns On Their Savings

From: iBan Online
Published: Thu Apr 20 2017

iBanOnline is one of the most popular crowdlending financial innovative companies, offering great returns starting from 2.5% p.a. to its investors. This crowdlending financial innovative entity aims to deliver a better deal to savers and borrowers who care about their money. In order to boost confidence in investors, iBanonline underwrites and pre-funds every loan.

iBanOnline allow its customers to select the products that they want to invest in. Some of the most popular investment products available at iBanOnline include iBAN Account (2.5% AER), iBAN One (3.5% AER), iBAN Market (6.0% APR) and iBAN Investor (8.5% APR). iBAN Account is ideal for savings. The key features of iBAN Account include- fast withdrawals (24-48h), fixed interest rate and is covered by guarantee fund. iBAN One is great for those who want to grow their investment in the short term. The key features of iBAN One include one year minimum term, fixed interest rate and is covered by guarantee fund. iBAN Market is perfect for those who are looking for risk-free returns. Key features of iBAN Market include variable interest rate, 3-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew and is covered by guarantee fund. Last but not the least, iBAN Investor is great for those who like to diversify. Key features of iBAN Investor include capital at risk, variable interest rate, 5-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew.

All the loans at iBanOnline are secured by a mortgage against property and the customers can start earning interest immediately. Further, it is easier to register with iBAN to gain an access to iBAN Accounts online. The returns at iBAN are significantly higher as compared to a bank savings account. Customers need not to pay any kind of fees for selling their loans and taking their money out. iBAN lending includes- (a) easy access to money- with iBAN account, customers can withdraw their money quickly and safely, wide range of rates- rates starting from 2.5% AER to 8.5% APR. (b) Your portfolio, diversified- customers can obtain the best risk/return ratio in the market. And (c) Direct investment- when customers invest with iBAN, the investment is connected directly to the financing - thereby avoiding high costs and intermediary commissions. The customers at iBanOnline can get personalized advice from live advisors at iBAN. The advisors can assist their customers to determine their goals and figuring out how much they can invest. They can suggest the best suitable mix of funds to their customers based on their age, income, and assets.

About iBanOnline
Since its commencement in the year 2016, iBAN has received more than £2 million in loan requests. iBanOnline is largely determined on lending well and making credit decisions based on substantial due diligence for each and every loan. All their loans are protected by a contract that allows them to resell secured property in the event of a non-payment.

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Company: iBan Online
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Contact Email: info@ibanonline.com
Contact Phone: 020-3488-1854

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