Occult Artist Miki Aurora To Produce Art House Film Documenting Ritualistic Trauma Healing

From: Miki Aurora
Published: Sat Apr 22 2017

Internationally exhibited occult artist Miki Aurora is currently launching a crowd-funding campaign to realize the completion of her newest work: documentation of a woman undergoing a gruelling psychological healing process through the modality of an occult ritual. The work features the artist herself guiding the process, with a woman named Brittany Garrity, and documents the two women embarking on a rite of healing from a violent traumatic encounter in Garrity’s past. Artist Miki Aurora initially intended to film the ritual as a video art piece—a soundless aesthetic experiment that would depict the healing process, shown in a gallery context. However, the story that ended up unfolding during the filming of the ritual turned out to be so mesmerizing, that the artist opted for screening it in theatre context, to facilitate a more in-depth opportunity for her audience to absorb the story hidden within the frames. The artist has turned to crowdfunding and has just launched a campaign, to raise the funds to take the work to completion in it’s new format.

Aurora’s work has been referred to as "an inspirational template for a new wave of esoteric feminists" (Daniel Jones, Unreal Magazine), so it will be undoubtedly tricky for her audience to prepare for what exactly they will be witnessing upon viewing the completed work. The film is set to debut for an exclusive one-time screening event in the city of Vancouver, BC, this fall. Check out the Indiegogo campaign here, and make a donation for the chance to get your hands on some limited edition perks, designed by the artist—
Company: Miki Aurora
Contact Name: Miki Watanabe
Contact Email: mikiaurora.info@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 6049922608

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