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The Fred DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship is to bring online education in entrepreneurship studies to learners globally wanting to equip themselves with the latest entrepreneur strategies, techniques, methodology, and advanced ethical reasoning.

[ClickPress, Mon Apr 24 2017] The DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship, a non-profit online, digital, and distributive entrepreneurs’ training school is the very first complete online certification developed exclusively for those desiring to become entrepreneurs and succeed in this exploding age of technology. Created by Dr. Fred DiUlus, author of Way of the Entrepreneur, The school trains individuals in entrepreneurship employing real-world methodology brought to perfection for all learners desiring to be entrepreneurs.

A Certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies is awarded by the DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship to successful graduates. The Certified Entrepreneur Training offered through the school is a series of training modules taught and led exclusively by Dr. DiUlus. They are described by students as the ultimate, total immersion program for individuals passionate about becoming successful entrepreneurs. Graduates may also be awarded, upon application, an Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom, and Ethics.

The training is comprehensive in guiding learners in how to adapt to the environment, improvise themselves, employees, and organizations to overcome entrepreneurial obstacles. The direction is to define a new and more productive road to creating an enterprise and environment that will drive them to entrepreneurial success.

The Entrepreneurial Studies certificate program is a ten day totally immersive Boot Camp, one on one, with mentor, Dr. Fred DiUlus. Trainees have an option to complete the program in ten days in one of three ways. The program may be completed all at once, two days a week for five weeks, or once a week for ten weeks. Certificate candidates who start together become cohorts in the process and it is important that they remain together throughout the process. Only one training module will be undertaken at a time. It is essential that all assignments are completed and work is performed on schedule and on time. An Entrepreneur’s commitment is to their task at hand. First they do one thing, then they do another.

Access to training is available 24/7. One need never leave the comfort of their home or office to participate. Online training is available on all electronic devices from cell phones to box computers and everything in between.

The DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship involves both a dedication of time and energy. Paced at a level that suits individual needs and schedules, the results oriented curriculum seek to provide learners with a personal evolution. “An evolution and development”, according to Dr. DiUlus, “of a real entrepreneur; one that is confident, self-assured and able to do anything, undertake anything, and succeed at anything, anytime, anywhere in the world”.

The Certification is offered and validated through Global Academy (Online), noted online curriculum and university builders.


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