Family Health and Well-Being Not Just about Children

From: Parents Need to Know
Published: Thu May 04 2017

Most parenting resources and publications, whether it be online or offline, often put a very strong focus on the well-being of our children. A majority of parents naturally care about the health and happiness of their child while forgetting about their own peace and happiness. That being said, resources and publications for "parents" often do the same thing.

While publications and resources are well-intended by focusing on our children, too little focus on the needs of todayÂ’s parent has definitely taken its toll on our modern-day society. Many of us forget that the care and happiness of our children is not the only important factor in a healthy family.

The families of today are much different than the families our grandparents grew up in with few families growing up in single parent homes and with most mothers staying home with their children while the father worked and provided for the needs of the family.

Today, we see many different family combinations and family situations as well. ItÂ’s safe to say that a majority of parents work outside of the home whether itÂ’s both parents or a single parent. Some families are still more traditional but many are not. No matter the family situation, parents have important needs too and when the focus is always on the children, itÂ’s easy to forget that.

This isnÂ’t to say that a parentÂ’s needs should always come first and vice versa, what this means is that there needs to be a little more balance in what parents need and what their children need as well. Addressing those needs begins with advertising, publications, and resources. What makes a well-rounded family in any situation and home, is a place where parents can focus on what they need from time to time and feel supported in the things that they personally face in life while making sure their childrenÂ’s needs still remain their top priority.

Many parents know that itÂ’s not always easy to find that "happy balance," but many parents also feel that it definitely helps relieve some of the pressure of always having to be the "perfect" parent with perfectly happy children, knowing that this is just not possible nor is it realistic. Parents literally have to wear many different hats, but what about the person underneath all those hats?

With all of the focus being on children, ⁠it’s time to shift the focus back to parents⁠ and provide them with the resources and support they need so they can be the best parents they can be. Every family situation is different, but the individual care and needs of each parent is still an essential part of growing, healthy family.
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