Justine Musk, A Champion for Feminism

Published: Tue May 09 2017

Justin Musk is a champion for feminism today. As an author, mother, and speaker, Justin has created a platform to speak on issues pertaining to modern women. She was a recent guest speaker at the University of Illinois this past April in a TED Talk series held on the campus. In her presentations on visionaries, she said,

"The women in my audience, we have spent part, if not most, if not all of our lives trying to amputate those parts of ourselves that did not fit and we try to be pleasing, and we try to do what’s expected, and we suck at it," Musk said. "And we eventually reach a point where we feel depressed or stuck or numbed out that the only way to save ourselves is to figure out how to be ourselves on purpose."

In several TED Talks Justine Musk vulnerably tells her stories and experience as a passionate writer and woman, and how she overcame and worked through many of the expectations that others placed on her. Justin challenges deep-rooted beliefs about how women are shaped and taught to view themselves. She has also given a TED Talk titled ‘Wounded People Tell Better Stories.’ She has posts on her website that discuss a range of topics from happiness to calling to adventure. In a blog post about transforming suffering to strength, Musk states,

"One way to foster resilience is to vow to yourself that you will use everything that ever happens to you to learn from and grow. This is possible through the twin powers of creativity and compassion."

She has spoken about finding your inner voice and not allowing the world to dampen the true you, in her TED Talks ‘The Art of the Deep Yes'. Justine explores the 'deep yes' of self-worth: what it is, why we lose it, and how we can get it back. Musk says,

"When people tell you you’re too much of anything, it’s actual a way to identify your strengths, things about you that set you apart from other people. And in my case, I was a budding young writer and thinker, who had an intense hunger for the world. And in some ways, I was rewarded for this, but I learned to hold myself in and play myself down."

Justine Musk is the author of three traditionally published dark-fantasy novels. She blogs about life, women, and creativity at wwww.justinemusk.com
. Visit her website to learn more about her writing, community, and vision for women. You can also follow her Twitter where she posts frequently.

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