New Book: Three Year Probe Into FDR’s Death. Author Claims Murder

Published: Wed May 10 2017

Author Stephen B. Ubaney pulls back the curtain on "Who Murdered FDR?", volume II in the true crime "Who Murdered?" book series. As a result of his exhaustive investigation, Mr. Ubaney was able to piece together the snippets of newly-uncovered historical fact proving that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR’s) death was not natural.

Mr. Ubaney is a history debunker who has a candid relationship with many people of the WWII era and paid close attention to their long standing suspicions about FDR’s death. During his research, he discovered that in 1957, Eleanor Roosevelt joined those who were skeptical about her husband’s death and hired a private investigator. Her investigation abruptly ended when it was discovered that FDR’s records were stolen from a locked file at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Four people had the keys, but no one was talking.

Incredibly, the recent release of a document from the Lahey Clinic in Boston, MA confirmed that FDR’s symptoms did not align with the advance of his Polio affliction. Another clue was later discovered in a diary published by FDR’s cousin stating that his doctor revealed to her that FDR was being poisoned but he "couldn’t ascribe anything to it." So who and what was poisoning the president?

Mr. Ubaney’s book is a real life "whodunit" that not only reveals proof that FDR was murdered; it identifies how it happened, who the murderers were and their motives. His research began at the Roosevelt Presidential Library and ended with an elongated consultation with a world renowned Forensic Pathologist. "Who Murdered FDR?" is sold digitally by all retailers in eBook and Audiobook worldwide. Physical copies can be purchased on Amazon, from the "Who Murdered FDR" Facebook page or at the author’s website,



Steve Ubaney is the holder of four college degrees and has been inducted into three international honor societies. He is a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo with BA in Communication and Media theory. In 2013 he became the architect of the popular Who Murdered? series of books with the publication of his first book, Who Murdered Elvis?. When the book series is completed it will feature five volumes revealing the naked truth that some of history’s most famous deaths were not natural. Mr. Ubaney is always interested in being interviewed regarding his work and has been a featured guest on television, radio and various podcasts worldwide. For additional information about this author or his book series please visit
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