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Published: Wed May 10 2017

Electricity is the need of today and we cannot even imagine our lives without electricity. The device due to which the electricity transformation has become easy is transformer. The leading transformer manufacturer in India, Rajasthan Powergen is offering wide range of Power transformer that have huge significance in our day to day life. The transformers are available in different sizes ranging from huge units that find application in power plants to small size transformers that are used in appliances or electronicequipment at offices or homes.
On the basis of the construction of transformer core, they are mainly of two types: Shell form transformers and core form transformers. The iron core is surrounded by the windings in the core form while in the shell form, the windings are surrounded by a frame or shell. From the power plants to offices or homes, a long way is travelled by electricity.In this, there is a very important role of the power transformers.Making the use of electricity is the main functionality of power transformers so that the high voltage flow cannot destroy any equipment’sinternal circuitry.
For this purpose, it is very important that high quality transformers are used. This is the reason why Rajasthan Powergen, the leading power transformer manufacturer in India offers premium quality transformers as per the International standards so that without any type of risk, the customers can make use of the electricity safely.
Another important factor related to energy and power is energy efficiency since the demands are increasing day by day. To meet these growing demands, it is very important that the transformers used are reliable and energy efficient. Rajasthan Powergen lives up the expectations in this case as well. In fact, the company has received certification from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi as the manufacturer of most energy efficient transformers.The company is a brand manufacturer of power and distribution transformers that are able to meet the growing energy demands all over the world.
In addition to power transformers, several other world class products are also manufactured by Rajasthan Powergen including Distribution Transformer, Power Transformer, Furnace Transformer, substation structures, heat treatment transformer etc. The products manufactured by the company are energy efficient, eco-friendly, shock proof and free from humming sound. The talented and dedicated team members of Rajasthan Powergen and use of latest and new improved technologies is the key reason why the company is able to manufacture and export premium quality products to all its customers spread around the globe.
The power transformers manufactured by Rajasthan Powergen are available as per the different power standards in different parts of the world. The few things that must be considered before choosing the power transformer that might suit your demands are:
• Determination of load type and load size.
• Primary frequency and voltage along with secondary capacity and voltage.
• For the determination of power transformer size, the maximum expected load is to be determined.
Rajasthan Powergen, the leading manufacturer of electrical power transformers in India( is there with its wide range of premium quality products to meet the growing demands of energy effectively.
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