Where the computers around the world are getting infected by ransomware that left thousands of users locked up with their system in more than 150 countries, computers which are enabled with Protegent data security products remains untouched & protected from attack of various versions of total ransomware found till date.

[ClickPress, Wed May 17 2017] Protegent detects ransomware which belongs to 6 different families i.e. CVE-2017-0147, Filecoder, FKM, Ramnit, Ransom and WannaCrytor. Protegent products are being continuously updated with all above mentioned ransomware families and their versions till date.

Ransomware is a malware program which gets into your computer system from email attachments and when the user try to open the infected attachment, the virus infected gets into the system. When the ransomware gets activated in userís computer, it starts encrypting any data files present in the system on random basis which makes them inaccessible to the user. Ransomware program demand an amount of ransom which needs to be paid to the hackers who in return might provide the decryption key to unlock the encrypted files.

WannaCry is latest in the family of Ransomware attack which used the bug in Microsoft SMB Server V1 to spread in the Network.

Following are the recommended patches for Windows operating systems which can be installed in your non-infected computer to stay protected from WannaCry ransomware attack.

1. Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64 - http://buff.ly/2rlRm0R
2. Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 - http://buff.ly/2qndVVA
3. Windows XP SP2 x64 - http://buff.ly/2rlRm0R
4. Windows XP SP3 x86 - http://buff.ly/2rlOUaN
5. Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86 - http://buff.ly/2qnxi14
6. Windows 8 x86 - http://buff.ly/2rlFDzh
7. Windows 8 x84 - http://buff.ly/2rlCi3a

We recommend use of Protegent products with updated virus definitions, if you really want to protect your computer system from particular families of Ransomware attack mentioned above.

Unistal always care about the security of the userís data which is currently been threatened by the attack of Ransomware WannaCry. Thatís why we are planning to launch an Anti-Ransomware Protection Software which will provide complete protection from any existing or future version of ransomware malware attack.

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