Art Culture Festival announces International Conference on Museum technology and Heritage Tourism Te

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Published: Wed May 17 2017

A three day program covering Seminars/Talks, museum Technology Workshops, Trade Fair and Museum Awards.
Delhi, India- Art Culture Festival announces International Conference on Museum Technology and Heritage Tourism Market, Delhi, India, March 2018
A first of its kind assembly of museum, archaeology, antiquity, Preservation/conservation culture and heritage professionals which will engage in dialogue regarding transformation of museums, art and culture sector
The program /Sessions / seminars will bring together More than 3,600 museum professionals from across the world, representing 122 countries, regions and international organizations are invited to attend this major event for the world museum community. Museum Directors and Experts from India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka, Nepal etc are invited as Partner countries.
International conference on museum and heritage tourism will explore topics such as: museum and digitalization, preservation and conservation technology, museum practices, role of museums in education and communication, changing work of curator, artefacts of museums and varied museum practices, institutional change and strategies for stronger impact of museums in communities, social inclusion and exclusion of communities in museums and, museum role in tackling social inequity
Seminars and talks will see speakers addressing the above mentioned topics and will stimulate dialogue and debate on topics related to museums and technology
The conference will enable museum, antiquity, preservation/conservation, monuments and heritage professionals and experts from other related disciplines to build network, discuss key issues in the field and share resources, ideas and information on best practices through variety of presentation options and session types.
The purpose and agenda behind the conference is:
• To have successful dialogue amongst professionals and decision makers from the fields of art, culture, museum and heritage and share knowledge about innovative technology that can take the global museum industry forward.
• Exchange of Indian and international state of affairs concerning the preservation of architectural heritage in the light of innovative technology and urban planning.
• Elaboration of recommendations for the improvement of the preservation of Indian cultural heritage, for possible directions of development of the Indian restoration industry and for the optimization of technical, scientific and legal guidelines
• Exchange of experience between Indian and international restorers concerning the development of modern conversion concepts of cultural heritage objects, which consider the historic-cultural significance of buildings and respect their structural characteristics.
Presentations and seminars will be addressed by leading professionals and decision makers, who will speak on cross-cultural practices in the museum community
Manufacturer Presentation -sessions includes:
• Panel Discussions On The Various Museum Technologies
• Paper Presentations
• Video Presentations on Museum Digitalisation
• Intensive workshops on diversified subject matters
• Digitalisations Of Museum Collections, Use Of Technology For Preservation/Conservation And Practical Use Of Museum Technology
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