How To Avoid The Spam Label With Your Short URLs

From: Tinycc
Published: Mon May 22 2017

Many spammers are using the free, public URL shortening services. This has led to a conclusion that it is best not to share a short URL via email since it’s the method most spammers use to access your account. Not only that but you run the risk of being blocked by the email service if you repeatedly send short URLs via email.
A research study conducted by the security firm Cloudmark found that only 7 percent of the short URLs from Twitter was actually from legitimate URL shortening users. Meaning that 93 percent were spam.
What that statistics say is that any given (public) URL shortening service will likely be abused and at some point develop a bad reputation. Implementing your own Domain URL Shortener using the name of your company or your brand is a confidence booster for users. One aspect of the Tinycc custom link shortening services is that you can have unlimited customizing of the URL slugs or hashes. It will increase CTR and will show professionalism and seriousness with your online marketing.
The longtime leading platform for short URLs is Twitter because of their 140 character limit. Another social media that has increased the use of shortening tool services is YouTube – mostly on the uploader comments of the videos to show information in documents or external links about the video.
As for now a major challenge of URL shortening service industry would be to regain the credibility outside of spammers and malicious links. This now might become an uphill battle for the non-branded link shortening tools because of the bad reputation they have gained through the years.
Every year the trend is up for the international use of short URL’s. Branded URL Shortening is an excellent tool for online marketing. Not only can you attract more potential clients and more clicks but it also gives you the opportunity to gather valuable marketing statistics about your visitors. Resulting in actionable feedback for improving your next campaign. The use of custom link shortening services is a good option if you are serious about your business and your online marketing is Best Option.
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