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Published: Mon May 22 2017

In an era which has seen digitization pervade every aspect of doing business, there are still those who get printed forms filled up the traditional way, leading to delays, mistakes and an unprofessional image of one’s brand. Not any longer, with the FormTitan a powerful cloud based online forms creator that lets one convert paper forms to responsive forms in an easy and convenient manner. What’s more it needs no programming skills whatsoever.
All one needs to do is scan the paper form to be converted, build an online version of it by using Form Titan Form Builder, upload the scanned form and map the desired online field and voila your online form is ready to use! What’s more once you submit data, a PDF version will be automatically generated. That is all it takes-three simple steps and you have digitized your out-dated paper forms.
The sheer operational, business and marketing advantages of converting one’s paper forms into a responsive form and then automatically reproducing the online form entries on paper puts one’s organization on another level with regards to both delivery and image. It is not surprising therefore that users from around the world find FormTitan an incredibly useful and empowering tool and are fulsome in their praise of it.
Says Dibakar Sahoo of KDC Technologies, "Excellent service, very easy to use, zero downtime. I will recommend FormTitan to everyone to use."
According to Amy W, the CEO of FormTitan, "The ability of the FormTitan online form creator tool to convert paper form into a responsive online form is a godsend for law firms, banks, insurance and other financial institutions that largely still rely on paper forms."
This is because not only is using paper inefficient, time consuming and prone to making mistakes, it creates a bad impression on the prospective clients, who more often than not, lose interest in the product or service being pitched to them. By enabling one to collect the data online, one can circumvent this problem and have more sales conversions. Besides the ability to generate a PDF that retains the original layout, ensures that one is able to collect information in the originally prescribed format.
What imparts tremendous flexibility to an organization’s outreach team is the fact that these responsible outline forms can be used to collect data using PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. What’s more the added security feature of being able to password -protect the offline form, makes the prospective customers more amenable to agreeing to consider the product or service being promoted. The icing on the cake is that one can seal the deal with the customer’s digital signature on the online form.
From the point of view of ease of use, the WYSIWYG format of the form builder, along with the simple drag and drop function makes creating an online version of a paper form as simple as ABC. For all the progress made by the financial sector, what with Internet banking and all that, it is a pity that data is still collected using antiquated paper forms. One can get a demo of how exactly this process occurs by clicking on the Show me how it works tab on the FormTitan website.
In a highly competitive business environment where data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the name of the game it is a no brainer that FormTitan is going to play the role of a game changer. It won’t be very surprising to see their paper to online form creator being lapped up by the baking, finance and legal services organizations that use paper forms all the time.
The feedback received from quite a few organizations from within these sectors has been incredibly encouraging, with many of them experiencing an extremely positive impact on sales. The sales people in fact are the happiest of the lot as they no longer have to go through the tedious process of inputting information received from their customers manually into their old paper forms, which often resulted in their not being able to close a sale successfully.
The digital age has seen a host of dynamic set ups like FormTitan redefine the paradigm of conducting business. More than anything these set ups usher in a new era of cost saving and enhanced efficiency across organizations. Enabling the conversion of paper forms to responsive online forms is an important part of this evolving process and FormTitan has done well to take a lead in this.
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