Amazing results and experience for Triol Corporation at SPE Symposium 2017

From: Triol Corporation
Published: Mon May 22 2017

The Symposium was attended by professionals from leading companies located all over the world. You could find OEM companies, end users, companies with business lines of gas and oil fields exploration and development, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons, service companies for pipelines, research organizations, engineering companies and many more.

Triol Corporation also didn’t miss the opportunity to become a participant of this Symposium, the Company was presented by the leading experts of Triol Corporation: Export sales team leader Anton Kolesnychenko, Account manager Artem Amelin, Client support specialist Marietta Avanesian, Head of external relations Daria Getsman and the Company owner Dmyrty Khachaturov. We amazed participants and visitors with our unique in-house development Triol AK06 VSD. It was placed at Triol booth where each visitor could get acquainted with its features and functionality. Experts once again became convinced that this development is an effective tool for increasing the reliability of the workflow.

In addition to VSD, Triol’s team prepared another surprise for SPE Workshop visitors, innovative solution for marginal oil wells – Linear Electric Submersible Pump in AR interactive presentation. With the use of AR-application, participants could literally immerse themselves into the augmented reality and thus study the innovation from the bottom of the heart.

Bright and unusual stand design, innovative technology LESP, unique VSD, AR-application – it contributes to the fact, that brand of Triol Corporation was remembered by every visitor of SPE Workshop 2017.

"The meetings and arrangements at SPE Symposium ensured the accuracy of the market strategy, as well as came up variety of opportunities from both US and global markets!" – said the President of Triol Corporation Dmyrty Khachaturov at the event completion.

Export sales team leader Anton Kolesnychenko also shared his impressions: "Three days of Symposium gave a huge opportunity for a long term strategic development in the US market direction". And it’s true! In just three days, Triol’s team was able to hold a large number of negotiations and reach agreements at joint projects with leading oil-service companies.

Further to the meetings with Customers and Partners, the experts of Triol Corporation managed to have a good time with the long-time business partner Novomet. Triol’s team did not lose a chance and visited the workshop of our worldwide Partner NOVOMET.

Thus, Triol’s team got a lot of vivid impressions and experience at SPE Workshop where we got the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative solutions and non-standard technologies to make sure that oil production control can be intellectual, safe, simple and economical.

After visiting this exhibition Head of external relations Daria Getsman noted the high level and quality of this technical event based on professional expertise of Society of Petroleum Engineers. She said: "Many thanks to the organizers for the opportunity for us as a scientific company to present in-house unique innovations LESP and Triol AK06 VSD known as CIS market conqueror! Thank you for the comfortable atmosphere that contributed to concluding many business arrangements with top oil service companies! Everything was at the highest level!".

For many years, any event organized by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) becomes a business platform for partners in O&G industry to demonstrate the latest technological innovations and researches for business. SPE Electric Submersible Pumps Symposium has once again confirmed status as the leading O&G industry event segment in the US market, meted the challenges of modern times and successfully accomplished the main task – to combine the leading companies for the implementation of priority tasks to ensure energy security and sustainable development of oil industry.

Triol Corporation became a part of this significant event, as a first step of mutual relations.
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