Exciting new travel product to be launched

From: Celestine & Co
Published: Wed May 24 2017

Leading ecommerce company Celestine & Co has released a brand new travel pillow product which will be sold on Amazon. To locate the product simply go to Celestine &Co’s profile and choose "Travel Pillows Black". The new pillow comes in a cute kid’s design known as Penelope the Cat and is sure to keep children entertained this holiday season.

Celestine &Co’s CEO said: "We’re very happy to be able to offer this new novelty design travel pillow, which we think kids and adults will love. Travel pillows have become a must-have item for travellers in recent years, and this product is no exception. We hope it will give people many hours of restful sleep and many comfortable journeys."

The black travel pillow contains fantastically soft memory foam which moulds to the shape of the wearer’s head and neck, providing an excellent source of support as the wearer sleeps. The shape and size of the travel pillow adds a high level of comfort and supports the head so that on waking there is none of the usual neck pain which comes from sleeping at an odd angle. The pillow is perfect for those who might be sitting in an aisle seat with nothing to rest their heads on while they sleep. It solves the problem of where to rest the head and provides the perfect level of support and comfort.

The travel pillow is easy to use and comes in a useful U-shaped design which can be slipped easily over the neck with the U facing downwards. For added comfort, the pillow comes with a cosy faux fur cover which feels soft and smooth against children’s skin and can be removed for washing whenever necessary. It is one of six novelty designs which are on sale on Celestine &Co’s Amazon shop.

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