New Neck Care Product To Be Launched

From: Celestine & Co
Published: Fri Jun 09 2017

The ecommerce company Celestine & Co will today launch a new neck care product that is set to change how neck pain sufferers sleep at night. The new product is a neck pillow that is designed to help neck pain sufferers to sleep more comfortably at night, due to the fact that it will help to eliminate neck pain and stiffness. The white neck pillow has a polyester cover and is made from memory foam. It is allergen and dust mite resistant, as well as being antibacterial. The pillow itself has a gently contoured design that fits the shape of the head and neck. It eliminates discomfort by holding the head at a 40-degree angle, meaning that the shoulder and neck muscles can relax fully. Because the memory foam adapts to your bodyweight, it also works to improve the alignment of the cervical spine, which is the part of the spine where the neck is located.

People who suffer from neck pain often find it difficult to sleep at night. This is because many pillows are either too high or too low to adequately support the neck, leading to further pain and stiffness. This means the neck is often held at an unnatural angle for the duration of the night, often leading to further discomfort on waking. Now there’s an easy, simple solution to the issue of sleeping soundly with neck pain: Celestine &Co’s new neck pillow. You simply use it in place of your usual pillow to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. With the help of the new pillow, your neck and head will be held at the right angle and due to the wonderfully soft memory foam inside, it will adapt to your bodyweight easily.

Here is what Celestine &Co’s CEO had to say:

"We’re delighted to be able to offer this new neck pillow product to our customers. We feel it is one of the best quality and most well-designed products in our range. We hope it will give our customers many comfortable nights of sleep without the usual neck pain they might be suffering from."

Customers are indeed happy with the new product. One lady had this to say:
"I’m so happy with my new Celestine & Co neck pillow. It gives me a really comfortable night’s sleep and when I wake up I have a lot less pain than I did with my old pillow. I’ll be using this every night from now on."

One other great benefit that this 100% polyester neck pillow has is that it includes a removable polyester cover. The cover can be removed and washed whenever necessary. It can be washed easily in a machine or simply hand washed or soaked overnight. Because of the nature of the material, it will dry quickly when hung.

If you would like to purchase your own Celestine & Co neck pillow, you can visit the company’s website or look at their Amazon profile.

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