Roosboard introduce an embedded search driven analytic feature

From: Roosboard
Published: Mon Jun 12 2017

Roosboard , the search based analytics with new embedded analytic feature to make your analysis much easier. The business intelligence and analytics feature made the organization to deliver the results by their desired search. Every business executives and entrepreneurs can easily benefit from relational search and analyzing data in seconds.

No dependence on IT anymore whereas the organization, employees can easily benefit from embedded search driven analytic feature. Companies across all industries and functions (e.g. marketing, sales, finance) choose embedded analytics to help users make sense of their data so they can make better, more informed decisions. While many business applications rely on embedded analytics to make their analytics process much easier than they think.

Roosboard deliver your insights of data and the user can benefit with self-service analytics without relying on others . New businesses with ambitious growth plans in which the embedded search driven analytics provides a great way for it .The intuitive and absolutely fast results on your searched data helps the organization to find the hidden parts in business and make them to develop much more across the globe.

The search based analytics to get instant answers from huge number of data with a secures analytics environment. The relation search engine to analyze data in seconds with no coding . The employees can also collaborate easily with their teams with new embedded feature.

Roosboard exponential features for enterprise

Seamlessly integrate with application - It integrates will more application like database, custom files , social media without resulting in any discernable errors or complications. I. The business intelligence dashboard enables real-time visibility of integrated data. So the organization can improve their business performance relentlessly.

Enables fastest search

Roosboard enables Embedded, simply search, analyze and build your report without any help from technical team and reduce report backlogs significantly. Roosboard scales millions of your records within a second .The enterprise no need to wait for weekly or monthly report they can easily generate reports within a seconds. Rich interactive fastest visualizations, making the analysis process more intuitive and fits for any industry.

About Roosboard

Roosboard introduces the search-driven analytics for business executives to take business decision faster. The business intelligence process to make your enterprise more powerful to achieve results with search-based analytics. It integrates with your data source and gives up-to-date reports in seconds. It Reduce your report backlogs up to 90%. No need to wait for a month or week to generate a reports instead get a real-time reports instantly and all your business metrics at one place via roosboard. For more details visit and Follow us on



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