Hypnotherapist’s 10th anniversary of being featured in Oprah’s O Magazine.

From: Hypno Healing Institute
Published: Tue Jun 13 2017

Debbie Papadakis, a well-known Registered Psychotherapist and Board Certified Hypnotherapist based in Toronto is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the international media attention in Oprah’s O Magazine back in June 2007.
In 2007 Debbie was featured in Oprah’s O Magazine and helped Beverly Donofrio, an O columnist, overcome shyness which stemmed from childhood. The article, which can be read on Debbie’s website https://www.hypno-healing.com/media/publications-media-appearances/ details Beverly’s experiences, her hypnosis session with Debbie and her successful transformation. Beverly Donofrio stated "The hypnotherapy session was more than two years ago, and I have enjoyed social gatherings since…even conquering shyness didn’t make life perfect, but it has made it more interesting, and now when I feel like being a wet blanket, I know it’s my choice." "We all have a wealth of power in our subconscious that can be used in healing, releasing stress and freeing us from internal barriers to health, wealth and happiness," says Debbie.
"We have seen an increase in awareness and interest in hypnotherapy. Using hypnotherapy along with psychotherapeutic techniques we assist people to tap into their abilities and full potential." Hypnotherapy is really about empowering people to overcome obstacles on their own. The answers lie within the individual. Debbie focuses on hypnotic regression therapy among other therapeutic modalities in order to explore and resolve the subconscious initial traumas that have become blockages and still control our lives.
"If you don’t make peace with your past it will keep showing up in your present."
~ Wayne Dyer

Hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy has begun to gain international attention as a natural, holistic way to clear your mind, overcome shyness, fear, resolve relationship issues, sleep issues, release anger and much more. Through hypnotherapy we can dispel negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias; explore hidden potential, connect with your true self; empower yourself and make positive, lasting changes; create positive attitudes and behaviours; heal your mind and body and reconnect to the infinite source.

Visit Debbie’s website www.hypno-healing.com and learn more about her training, workshops and services and schedule your initial free strategy session to see how your life can transform.
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