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From: Author K. L. Adams
Published: Wed Jun 21 2017

The author K.L. Adams (, releases a new site for readers to come for inspirational blogs and easy locating all books written by her.

"There is so much we can learn through following our dreams and never letting go," explained Adams. "The site introduces weekly photo post. Plus, inspirational blogs to encourage readers to reach their goals. There is a new contacts page for easily reaching out with a list of all the books available by K. L. Adams"

Currently, K. L. Adams is working on a children’s picture book to be released in the coming of months. She has plans to continue to write stories of all genres for her fans and future readers to enjoy. It is always a dream to have a published book available for someone to read. This is living proof dreams do come true, even if the dreams are larger than reality.

"A dream is a hope," concluded Eagan. "I write to inspire others to keep chasing their dreams and working towards goals. It is only once we are dead that life stops progressing."
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