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From: LED Light Expert
Published: Thu Jun 22 2017

Light-Emitting Diode or LED technology is sweeping conventional lighting marketplace for many reasons. Here are some advantages of LED lighting systems over other technologies:
1.Energy-efficiency: LED lights require 50% of power in comparison with conventional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting systems. As these lights are installed on a flat surface they can provide light in a particular focus or direction. Conventional bulbs with hemispherical shape spread heat and light in all directions and thus waste major amount of power. LED can be a good solution for illumination in stores where lights are kept on for long hours.
2.Longer life-span: A conventional bulb burns out or fails after a use of maximum 1,000 hours. Fluorescent lights last for around 8,000- 10,000 hours. However LED lights have a life of 30,000 to 50,000 or more depending on the quality of fixture. They don’t burn out or fail as conventional bulbs but may dim as they are used for longer spans.
3.Cold temperature operation: While operation of most of the lights is hampered at lower temperature, LED lights give excellent performance in low temperature. Thus they can be the best choice for illumination in cold storages, deep freezers and parking lots etc.
4.Durability: As there is no filament or enclosed glass is used in LED lights, they are much more durable as they offer resistance to impacts like vibrations. They are installed on a circuit board with proper soldering of terminals. That is why they offer greater durability.
5.Instant On: LED lamps put on their 100% at the instance they are switched on. Other lights such as fluorescent tubes require at least 3 minutes illuminating with complete brightness.
6.Rapid Cycling: LED lights are not affected by frequent on and off operations. Conventional bulbs burn off if they are switched on and off frequently.
7.Controllability: Being semiconductor devices LED lights can be dimmed evenly for 10% brightness instantly. This is a special feature that is mainly utilized for creating different moods by lighting.
8.No Infrared or Ultra Violet Emissions: LED lights offer an environment-friendly operation as they do not emit any kind of pollutants or poisonous substances that can be harmful for health.

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